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  1. reclaimed railways sleepers do a good job as a shed base quite cheap also, come ready treated, widely available
  2. hello ian hi boy will be fine with standards, no need to save the little weight smaller servo's would give you. mount them sideways in wing, and line cutouts with balsa, or in centre if space allows. its not dull at all, that depends on c.g. amount of movement and powerplant, most of all on pilots ability. as its blowy where you fly I would think about putting a f/glass bandage on wing centre. two piece wings don't work once airborne
  3. I've got a hammer drill, had it 30 years its still good for knocking nails in
  4. Posted by Jez Saunders on 22/12/2013 17:49:11: Think they might be using the peanut butter trick with our politicians too ! I think they spread it somewhere else on M.P's though
  5. clip on at flight line hold till model off, engine dead.
  6. always used O.S motors, superb only followed what advice they gave, and never had a problem
  7. me too, just feels right tuck it down my shirt before starting up and have somebody carry model out.
  8. look like they pivot to me martin, agree with your thinking. if car and storage allow it i'd go for 1 piece wing rigging and derigging at field is one of the downsides to bipes looks great I wish you well with it , like colour scheme also
  9. I must have fell asleep. forums, clubs, model shops, etc .have always promoted flying safe and in an appropriate area. clubs encourage new members, most allow free visits and offer free tuition. thousands of people have taught 11, 12 year olds myself included. the hobby is full of people who are only to happy to help others. I strongly suggest your preaching to the wrong audience
  10. hello neal love building myself don't rule artf out yet though, there's some great stuff about
  11. Posted by ken anderson. on 19/12/2013 16:49:05: this thread has been up and down? ....... in our club of 112 members we have one who is interested/going to try FPV .......we are in controlled airspace and as such have to go with the ANO order etc......it would be interesting for to find out(if possible) how many forum members are interested and intend having a go with the FPV's......we had a visit from a non member who had purchased some equipment...and when we pointed out to him the ANO/BMFA STUFF he said he wasn't really interested in rules and reg's and left.......so I wonder how many people-young and old will be getting some form of FPV for Christmas and wont have the slightest idea about any ANO's/BMFA'S or CAA's.......when it go's pear shaped it will be the rule abiding flyer's who will be tarnished with the brush..... ken Anderson....ne....1.......my opinion dept...not intended to upset any readers........ PS......i'll be amazed if someone can see an 18"dia FPV machine 1000ft from the ground....... ken all clubs have had people turn up with bad attitudes, its a personality thing not specific to fpv size of model limits the height we all fly at, not a given number. (other than controlled airspace + ANO's) somebody could go buy a jet, heli, spitfire etc and tarnish rest of us. also there are people at clubs up and down the country showing fpv can be safe the words can be safe , applies to us all
  12. its a big mobile phone wondered why he had to keep regenerating
  13. Posted by Stephen Grigg on 18/12/2013 20:10:20: NOT in my truck anymore all over the house and in 2 sheds good post Stephen don't let em get you down
  14. after reading that pete I have to agree with you, everything you need is there also confident that lads at our field have it covered. they have read all this. should have read it fully myself, things have gone so well, I never felt the need should have took my own advice. (its all there read it)
  15. wish you luck with that one will get a 100 answers and insurer could challenge them all. seems to be a question for CAA and others to answer our club does it as follows, observer is qualified to fly solo (A test standard) he has enough common sense to take job seriously.
  16. i'd agree with above , hitec also do 225's one with metal gear and one with nylon which are mini servo's, and would be ideal
  17. yaks are fabulous martyn. don't bite you at all same with sukhoi's, they can bite if you get really giddy. they're as common as extra's though, and david's got his heart set on a pitts
  18. never seen a bad fw 190 steve, fly great short u/c may be a good thing, scale size can be a bit too springy
  19. im lucky pat our club has no limits other than what insurance dictates if your in controlled airspace, informations there for you to sort it, which davids club has
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