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  1. ... I can feel the end coming nearer now, Dirk. This is a really amazing build blog... Cheers Chris
  2. it's about time you get your mojo together and start yours, Steven. But then I must admit mine is still on the backburner... ? My build blog is called 'Vicomte 1916' and you can find it here. A word of caution though, if you downloaded the Baron plan from Outerzone, check your print with a straight ruler as the Oz file is 'distorded', probably due to a scanner calibration... And don't forget to post a build blog right from your first step... ? Cheers Chris
  3. ... "ils sont fous ces Gaulois", that's for sure... Thanks for sharing, David. ? Cheers Chris
  4. ... H H H B-day then, John... ? ... and congrats for your pole position in Spielberg today... See you in Silverstone. Cheers Chris
  5. Thanks again, John. ? A possible suggestion here, especially for your own safety > don't even look at FP3... Cheers Chris
  6. Great achievement, Chris. Your detailed job really looks stunning. Just be proud and enjoy your model... Cheers Chris
  7. I don't really have an answer about 'split personalities' or 'schizo' tendencies, John P... ... but, at least, you should try to avoid "idiots' taking over from "sensible" persons... ? ... only my humble 2 €-cent, obviously... Cheers Chris
  8. ... welcome, Chris... ? Cheers Chris
  9. Congrats, John T. Well done... My 'mid-field' score is the worse of this season, but what else can be obtained when one of my team mates can't even get to the second lap... and having some mildly lousy predictions myself... Of course, I can always pretend I wanted John S a bit closer to me to keep an eye on him... ? Cheers Chris
  10. Really looking forward to see your fuselage mouldings done, Dirk. Keep up your energy now, please... Cheers Chris
  11. Great for Essex and yourself, Tony. ? ... and great you took Igor's rang as he was trying to convince me that it was compulsory to 'abandon' my position after two weeks... Naughty Igor... Cheers Chris
  12. I think it was a captivating race today, John P. Worth watching as soon as you can... Thanks once more & congrats to Tony C for his first place. ? My predictions were a bit on the 'lazy' side, but at least my team did a great job in Southern France. Cheers Chris
  13. ... I can imagine Google Translate isn't the perfect 'teacher', Igor... ? Btw, I just watched F3 at Paul Ricard. Mild rain during half the race. Predictions are for rain again between 14 > 15 hours CET, meaning that F1 should start 'dry'. But of course the previous rubber has been washed from the track which will mean a slippery/non-grip 'green' track again. ? Bonne chance à tous & cheers Chris
  14. ... ??? ... ... sorry, but my English isn't that good I'm afraid, dear John S... or did you compensate the England vs Scotland game with some distilled Highlands' stuff??? ... Cheers (anyhow) Chris
  15. Thanks once more, John. ? Merc seems back into the game at Le Castellet, but this won't be an obvious one regarding predictions... Indeed, bonne chance à tous... Cheers Chris
  16. Great report, David. Thanks. A bit of a shame to see all those wreckages though... Reminds me that I still have my unfinished Svenson Vicomte on the backburner... Cheers Chris
  17. ... some great tournament report, David. Well done, young man... Looking forward to Trish & you having that 'summer holiday' next year. Cheers Chris
  18. Splendid job really, mightypeesh. ? Must convince myself now to get that Creality Ender out of its box and give it a maiden print job... Cheers Chris
  19. The best of luck down there, David. ? Bonne chance... Cheers Chris
  20. Thanks for that great pic, Phil. ? I've been visiting the PPSA website, fully read the Orme report and enjoyed all those magnificent pics. Martin & Gordon's 'double stick' example looks very nice indeed. What a difference to the 'single seat' model. Did I understand correctly that your splendid Yugo example didn't receive its maiden flight? ... Regarding the Dog, the build has been on hold for a while now, mainly due to health - read mobility - problems. With the sunnier/warmer days coming up now, I hope to be back to it as soon as I can... Cheers Chris
  21. Many thanks to Admin John P once more. ... and sorry to John S for stealing his 'yellow shirt'... no worries, it's still a long way to Tipp ... Abu Dhabi... ? My team did a really great job. Except Max of course, but we won't blame him, can we? ... Let's prepare the Ricard... or another brand of pastis... Cheers Chris
  22. Well, at least this was a real unpredictable exercise at Baku's 'graves yard'... No idea if the Channel 4 covering has ended already, but I suppose John P is still cleaning the debris around Her Majesty's heliport... "Patience still is a quality", they say in French. Cheers Chris
  23. ... my predictions were 'a bit chaotic' at least... ? ... as were the qualis and specifically Q3... We might not fall asleep in front of the telly tomorrow... ? Cheer up Chris
  24. @john stones 1 > Oracle being Red Bull's new sponsor, I doubt they would be very useful for predictions, especially when they are topping the time sheets... Quite a difficult one this time, but good luck to all, gents. Cheers Chris
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