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  1. absolutely beautiful job, love the masking for the markings. Look forwards to seeing it in the air!
  2. Make sense taking them right across, will do that next time! πŸ™‚ Cheers, Simon
  3. They both look great together Richard, good job!
  4. Hi Eric. I was intending to use epoxy for that reason. I am saving filing the flat on the leg until I have glued the mounts in place and it is solid - at the moment they are just pushed into place. As to beefing up the mount, I would rather add a block now when I can get to it rather than try to reinforce a bit of 3mm ply after they have pulled out and have no access. Thanks for the concerns, Cheers, Simon
  5. Hi Folks. Made a start on fitting the retracts pack so lots of pics πŸ™‚. Started off with putting the ply mounts together and remembered to make a handed pair - so off to a good start! When I offered the retract units up I noticed that the screws were looking a bit on the diminutive side for the job in hand.... I decided to cut some blocks to go on the back of the mounts to allow the fitting of longer screws. Much happier now. I made a reverse copy of the wing template and taped them together so I could place them both on the wing and tape in position. A quick whizz round with a pin to prick through, and then join the dots. I used a circle cutter and scalpel to cut the veneer out. I have acquired an old soldering gun so made some wire cutter shapes to hollow out the polystyrene - crumbs that's easier than hacking it out with a knife!!!! Made really short work of it. By this point I had probably spent a leisurely two hours getting both sides cut out and test fitted in the wing so its a quick process. When I put them in the retracted position however I found there was a problem in that the retract unit is too deep to fit into the well, even with all the foam removed up to the bottom of the top veneer it was still a long way proud. even the retract unit wasn't sitting flat on the mounting plate. A bit of head scratching was in order.... I gave it a good looking at and decided that I could probably lose about 6mm off the overall length of the wheel by trimming the actual wheel hub back so it sits closer to the bend on the axle, and changing the 'Tonka button' for a collet and grub screw which would not protrude off the end of the shaft. Here is the before and after removing part of the wheel.... The one on the left has a much smaller gap to the leg which is pleasing. even before I butchered the wheel it was binding slightly on the radius of the bend of the leg. I decided to solder some washers to keep it on the straight section. The brass collets I had needed drilling out to 4mm and are a good fit. I also added washers and now the wheels spin nice and freely. I Dremelled off the protruding axle and saved around 6mm in total. I have also lightened it considerably by losing one of the screws that hold the doors on - electrical box here I come! The result here is that they sit much better in the wing. I will be fiber-glassing the well bottom as they are still pretty tight in there to give the veneer some strength as its very thin. Very please I got it sorted, and when its all glued in an fitted it feel like it will be very resilient. It sounds long-winded but it was maybe three and a half hours to this point and worth the effort. One extra thing to watch is that when the leg is pushed all the way home into the retract units hole it actually makes it about 5mm shorter overall than the template shows, so in order for the wheel to sit in the middle of the well you have to pull it back out a bit. I will put a spacer in the hole to get the correct position. Check and measure on your legs and maybe move the position of the well on the template if it needs it before you commit to the blade! Phew, That was a long write-up. Just got to glue it all together now and shape the doors!!!! Cheers, Simon
  6. Hi Folks. Been busy finishing another aircraft - a Flair Legionnaire, so have not achieved much with the 190. Should maiden in the next couple of weeks if the weather is favorable..... 🀞 My 190 is ready for paint, but have been holding off as I have been waiting for the 190 retract packs to be ready as it will involve some surgery to the wings. Thanks to Mr Paul Johnson there was a lovely parcel delivered today.... ...... only had a quick look, but was pleasantly surprised to see the legs are pre-fitted with doors, sprung and using the sturdiest gauge I have seen for an air frame of this size. Looks good and strong and have confidence in its durability with my landing skills. Seems really good value too. The only bit I am not sure about is the chrome wheel fastener things - reminds me a bit of Tonka toys! When I get a chance I will post the fitting etc. Looking at the weather at the mo it may be this weekend. That's it for now, Cheers, Simon
  7. Hi Richard, sounds good. We are fortunate to have a well mown and excellently maintained field at our club so the retracts should not be a problemπŸ™‚. Have a good break and I look forwards to the retract sets coming out. Cheers, Simon
  8. Both look fantastic Richard! Have you any shots of how they look sitting on the retracts, still thinking about them for my 190. Cheers, Simon
  9. Theres a Proxxon one on fleabay at the moment for Β£100 ono (new in box) ebay
  10. Hi folks, still ticking along.... I decided to do the wing fillet using thin ply and curved balsa as I had used the method on other aircraft. First made a template and cut some very thin ply to shape. I glued it on with Gorilla brown glue as it expands and fills gaps nicely. The clingfilm on the wing stops it sticking. Next I used some trusty cereal packet cardboard to make a template and cut out the balsa fillets. Bit of a soak in hot water and some super glue and jobs a good'n' πŸ™‚ Next onto the covering stage. I used Sainsburys brown paper (Β£1.50 a roll) and Evostick exterior glue for no other reason than I had it on the shelf. This I diluted with about 5% water. What can I say..... it works absolutely beautifully!!!!! Thank you Richard for the technique. It was a stress and wrinkle free process. I painted it on the back of the paper then applied almost immediately, smoothing down with a dry cloth. quick wipe with a damp clothe to remove any glue that gets on the surface then a going over with a hot iron (150) with a sock on. Amazing how it can go round curves, brilliant. when all was dry for a few days I sealed the surface with some Ronseal interior acrylic varnish, once again watered down 5% and applied with a sponge so as not to use excessive amounts. Lovely surface and only used one roll of paper, will definitely use again! I also added a bit of detail to the tail feathers just for interest. . On to the cockpit detail bits. I know that all of this is invisible when you are flying past at 200ft but it is one of the things that I always get huge enjoyment from. It is made from a combination of my 3d printed bits, Weetabix box cardboard and scraps of foam and balsa. All the cockpit parts weighed in at just under 15g which is good. Mr Pilot was a bit short in the body so I gave him a booster bit of foam to raise him up. The gun sight is a bit of food packaging and card. Pleased with how it turned out, he looks happy in his office! In the back ground is my other ongoing project, a Flair Legionnaire being built as a Nieuport 11. Next on the list is to get the vac formed parts glued on and the canopy - then its paint time! Hope you are enjoying your builds as much as I am Cheers for now, Simon
  11. Hi Richard, looks great - please put me down for a set πŸ‘ Cheers
  12. Thanks Paul, looks good. Has Richard announced anything regarding availability of the retracts for the 190 or possible prices on one of the related threads? I have lost track I am afraid of which thread is which - I think its my age!!! 😢 Mine is getting to painting stage and would like to get any chopping about done before then if possible πŸ™‚. Cheers, Simon
  13. Hi Folks, I'm still creeping along! πŸ™‚ Had a bit more of a fiddle in Fusion and drew up an instrument panel to print to go with the pilot. I also lifted some photos of instruments from the web and photoshopped them into the correct sizes. I am fortunate to have a laser cutter at work so used that to cut them out to fit into the dials. Bit of paint and some clear nail varnish to gloss up the dials and its good to go. I am very pleased how it turned out!!! πŸ˜ƒ Getting to some small changes on the wings now. I wanted to add the small bulges where the wheels sit at the leading edge of the wing root. Time to break out the blue foam and frothy Gorilla glue to fill gaps then shaped and finished with light weight filler (Screwfix One Strike). I have also added the fillet that runs along the bottom of the exhaust area out of scrap as to me it looks a bit bare in that area to me without it. Next on the list is to get the wings covered, then I will add the wing fillet before covering the fuselage. That all for now. I am really enjoying this build and am looking forwards to getting her finished and up in the air!!!! Cheers, Simon
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