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  1. Excellent Alan, that'll do nicely. Ordered. Very many thank for taking the trouble
  2. Thank you John, very kind to go to the trouble. I'd seen these but there weren't any dimensions
  3. Embarking on a 20" Vickers FB5 Gunbus about 90g AUW inc batteries I'm trying to follow the recommended powertrain and opted for a 4-MAX: PPOM-1410-2900 C05 4-Max Micro Brushless Motor Max Amps burst 5A. The ideal ESC would have been Tornado XQ XP-7A Programmable Brushless ESC | Modelmaniacs which seemed to be very common, but no longer available (not from modelmaniacs dumfries who had the in stock but just refunded and revised stock as not available) After several fruitless hours trying to find a replacement, I wonder if anyone could recommend where I might try:- The XP7a was 22x12x5mm and 5 grammes I don't wish to go much bigger/heavier, nor order anything from Amazon from China with a 2 month lead Closest is:- 4-Max Brushless Electronic Speed Controllers 4M-ESC6A ESC from 4-Max but even so that's an overkill Robin
  4. Excellent, Anders. I'm assembling materials for a Vickers FB5 Gunbus
  5. Ordered cut parts 17th February, arrived this morning, for the FB5 Gunbus plans. Very pleased, not only with the speed of turnaround, but as I was expecting only wing ribs, most of the pre-cut parts and sheeting too. Very little to obtain to complete: carbon rod and some strip. Pleasantly surprised Robin
  6. We used to be well blessed with indoor flying during the winter months, one in Bishops Cleeve, Gloucestershire, one in Evesham, Worcestershire. Both had healthy attendance before the pandemic, but it seems that Evesham at least hasn't been scheduled back on. I've yet to check Bishops Cleeve, but as it is the same convivial bunch of chaps, I suspect that hasn't restarted. There used to be one in Gloucester. Does anyone know if there are in the area, and if so any contacts. I miss the conviviality
  7. Not much use if I can't see some basic data eg wingspan motor battery size. It'd be like buying a Maserati blind, might be beautiful, but completely the wrong model
  8. I'm completely fascinated by Warbird Replicas. A most intriguing business model. Visited many many times Members here speak highly of them, and tantalise with builds of aircraft that are really more than interesting. I'm really very tempted. However on visiting the site, there seems only one kit available, and no catalogue of what could be or has been available in the past. So how does one encourage the manufacture of kits, if there isn't a catalogue against which to declare an interest and generate economic demand?
  9. Excellent response. Order Matek f765 WSE late Thursday night, dispatched Friday, arrived 11:00 am Saturday.
  10. Perfect. That's what I was planning around identical motor/esc and battery
  11. Well, that's an excellent evocation. What motor/esc battery did you settle on?
  12. Excellent, John, and a lovely clean simple evocation of a pusher too. Is that own design? Robin
  13. Thank you very much Robin. I have a cnc mill which I use for live steam model engineering, together with sketchucam which includes aerofoil sections, so rib manufacture isn't an issue. I'd already reconciled myself to traditional built up spar and caps, hopefully with CAD interlocking. However, research to date hadn't thrown up this sectional drawing which is tremendous. So very many thanks for taking the trouble to post this Robin
  14. Thank you Pert, the doculam is a good tip if I can find some very thin.
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