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  1. I aim to be there at least one of the days to make it a quintet
  2. I had a bit of a prang with my WR FW190, but the advantage of these built up aircraft is they can easily be repaired / rebuilt. So I thought I'd just post the repair process to illustrate This is how it all started - I flew a wide landing circuit and when about 100m downwind it spiralled in. I still had plenty of height and power on as I was flying back into quite a strong wind, so I'm pretty sure this wasn't a stall and although I had time to recover, I had no control response so it seemed to be signal loss. The plane dove in at pretty high speed so I expected complete carnage, but found it had gone right through the perimeter hedge rather than hit the ground direct, and had relatively minor damage. The wing had 6x big chunks out of the LE and was about 6ft up in the hedge having broken the single nylon mounting bolt (this is a first for me, with no related wing tearing off damage) The canopy was punctured and ripped off, as was one tailplane half I sawed out the wing damage and gorilla glued some grey foam wedge inserts Bit of shaping Then brown paper patches I glued some dowels in to stiffen the tailplane up I'd airbrushed the original paint scheme but couldn't be bothered with the cleaning faff, so just brushed / cotton wool dabbed some paint on. The advantage of these weathered finishes is it can then be rubbed back / dirtied to achieve a reasonable match Job done - but I'm still wary about why it happened. After a bit of investigation I found some very poor solder joints on the ESC connector, that can both be twisted loose. Guess this could have led to an interrupted power supply !
  3. Well, I've never been before, but have had a fabulous day at Weston park today. Some of the worlds best display pilots flying some incredible aircraft over English country parkland. Just amazing. Felt a very small crowd so plenty of space right at the flightline. Good selection of trade stands to save postage on and of course typical show catering prices. Great day.
  4. Fabulous aircraft there guys, well done to all.
  5. By they're tough old birds these 190's. Suffered a bit of flak damage, but will still fly again. Actually went through a Hawthorn hedge at pretty high speed. 4 chunks out of the wing LE, one tailplane half ripped off and the canopy damaged. Otherwise surprisingly ok. A few feet further downwind and the hard ploughed field would have done more damage I'm sure. Disappointed though that I don't know why it happened, was about 200m downwind with a fair bit of power on and it spiralled in with no control response ðŸĪŠ
  6. Got to finish tiling and fitting a kitchen before starting mine I'm afraid 😕, so I daren't even open the box or I'll vet tempted
  7. Kit box arrived safe n sound. Thank you Richard and team
  8. Looks fabulous, looking forward to this one 😃
  9. My motor's prop adaptor shaft wasn't long enough for wasbers so I trimmed the spinner backplate (quite a lot) with various dremel bits and files to allow an APC to fit - but the result works ok
  10. Would like to build a Sea Fury - still undecided whether to build the next one as a Tempest or convert. After that - out of the choices being discussed it's gotta be a Mozzie 😄
  11. Batch 2 will be gr8 for me, enjoying another couple of weeks in Japan 😄 so in no hurry
  12. Loving the wing shape of the Tempest, it's going to look so good in the air
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