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  1. At our club, for as long as I can remember, we have always had a turbine and petrol ban around harvest time. There's a sign that goes up at the gate for the duration of the ban. Everyone accepts it as our field is completely surrounded by tinder dry crops this time of year. Our landlord farmer is most amicable and we've always maintained a good relationship with him through negotiation. It is worth rembering that to the farmer his crops are his livelihood whereas, to us, our field is a hobby.
  2. If I'm asked to change anything by text or email then I always get in direct contact with whoever it is that the change is purportedly coming from just to confirm it's genuine. Recently I get emails saying I've made a large payment in Euro's by Paypal and to ring this number if I haven't made the payment. The email is always addressed 'Dear Customer'. Obviously scam so block and delete.
  3. Electric vehicles may appear 'green' to us but a quick search of the internet as to how Cobalt is mined for Lithium batteries makes for some pretty distressing reading. Not just electric cars of course but all electronics, including the laptop I'm typing this on. https://www.cbc.ca/radio/asithappens/as-it-happens-tuesday-edition-1.5399491/tech-giants-sued-over-appalling-deaths-of-children-who-mine-their-cobalt-1.5399492 https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2020/may/06/pollution-causing-birth-defects-in-children-of-drc-cobalt-miners-study Very disturbing when I'm confronted with adverts asking for £2 a month to fund operations for children with hair lip or cleft palate.
  4. Another vote for Avast free. Plus Cache Cleaner free every now and then.
  5. I have a Radiolink mark I and mark II. I too preferred to spend more time flying than programming my transmitter. They work fine and the rx's are cheap but Radiolink has its own protocol. I use the MKII to tow a K8 glider up to 700ft with a Durafly Tundra so range is not a problem. The only thing you may find a faff is that they come with a basic factory programme so you need to format the transmitter then download and install the full programme. It's easy to do and there's plenty of vids on YT. My main reason for getting one was that I usually use MPX but the rx's are a bit expensive to put into a Lidl conversion. Radiolink are £9 to £16 depending where you buy them. Plenty of parameters to fiddle with if you want and, I think, good value for money. Easy to use so I have no plans to go Open TX .
  6. I have one of these and it's terrific. The laser cutting is immaculate. Very light but very strong. Flies great on 2200 3s. Reduced throws it's a great sport flyer and with full throws it's crazy. I was undecided between Limbo Dancer and this Fusion mk2. I went for this and I'm glad I did. The 4Max powertrain that George recommended for it is brilliant and I love flying it. It's won more than its fair share of comps too, I'm not a comp pilot I hasten to add. Excellent VFM and fun for the buck. I just noticed he's out of stock but if you can find one then I'm sure you'll love it. https://evolution-models.com/product/fusion-mk2/
  7. My bargepole is sharpened and keeps Faceache at a healthy distance so I would like to see a bulletin on the main website.
  8. I think a lot of people were nervous about flying. I was so I used my electric glider and got up early and high, out of everyones way. As it happened our day was incident free. Using such a variety of models made it possible for plenty of flyers to use the airspace and also holding a briefing beforehand where pilots positions, launching, airspace use, landing and retrieval were all explained. In the end, even though it was only 14 aircraft, everyone said that they felt quite comfortable taking part. We are lucky in having quite a spacious field so others may have struggled with small sites. This was my first go at such an event but I'd happily defend our record? Well done and thanks to the BMFA and our club members for organising it.?
  9. Here's our crew from Ramsey Model Aero Club, I'm on far right with MPX Heron
  10. 14 flew at Ramsey Model Aero Club, easy phased launch, land and retrieve. No disasters. It would have been 15 but one pilot realised a cell on his drone battey was duff 9 seconds to 12 and, by the time he got it changed, it was 2 seconds after the 12 noon whistle. A great day followed by a bbq.
  11. Just loops, spins, barrel rolls and stall turns, nothing too extreme but exciting for a youngster. I remember checking the fuel pumps, jam your foot against the wheel, hang on to the engine bearers then lift the priming lever to de-activate the two pumps, one at a time, whilst the engine was run at full throttle. quite refreshing !!!!
  12. I've enjoyed this thread from a nostalgic point of view too. I started my aircraft engineering career as a Junior Technician at Cranfield College of Aeronautics Department of Flight servicing the Auster Aiglets that they used for student training back in the 1960's. Had a few flights in them on 'weather checks', including aero's. Happy days?
  13. I must admit that I'm a bit baffled by the problems that seem to be affecting the supply of modelling equipment. One of my preferred shops for musical equipment is based in Germany and their supply has been exceptional, very quick deliveries with no duty or VAT on top of the original purchase price, some quite expensive orders too. Brexit hasn't changed their service one iota. Maybe I'm missing something or maybe it's just that some companies have their business models set up better than others.?
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