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  1. I worked in the swimming pool industry for 16 years here. I was driving around with quite a few of those banned substances in the back of my van. Hydrochloric acid, oxalic acid, hydrogen peroxide. They are all available off the shelf in pool shops in as large a quantity as you like. Although, in a country which doesn't really have rusty cars I managed to rot the floor out of two vans. Its just as well the UK is to cold for swimming pools cos you cant buy pool products.
  2. Holy cow! Really! I buy 5 litre cans in toy shops here.
  3. Thanks for the input guys. You know you can remove the ethanol from petrol if you want to? Search youtube. There are loads of videos. Its easy. Just add water. Ethanol mixes with the water but the water/ethanol doesn't mix with the petrol. So wait until it separates then drain the petrol off. I've never needed to do this as I can buy 91, 95 and 98 octane without ethanol. But some UK vintage motorcycle riders I know de-ethanol their old bike fuel.
  4. Thanks Gnome (you dont sound grumpy at all) Premix is between 33 and 38 pounds here depending on nitro percentage. So not to different. I dont mind premix, the stuff we get here is basically what I mix myself. But self mixing is about half the price. We have weird shipping rules. If I mail order nitro it can be sent regular post, but if it crosses a state line it gets about 50 quid added for being a dangerous liquid. Even though the shop over the state line is much closer than where I actually get it. Imaginary lines on the map can be costly.
  5. I live in Australia but am considering returning to the UK. We have been through all this nonsense here. I was the guy who was mapping the registration exempt model flying fields for the Australian Miniature Aerosports Society. Commercial drone registration happened. And then recreational drone registration was cancelled. No reason given. We aren't getting it. Reading between the lines of discussions with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, they realised it would be a huge workload for zero return and would be unpoliceable with much unregistered use expected. Also all commercial drone licenses were for piloted flights for surveying, photography etc. All the autonomous drone delivery trials which were operating in some towns for years, have been scrapped. There were loads of noise complaints. Privacy complaints. Drones and payloads going missing. Drones found smashed up and stripped for parts. It turned out drone delivery is a way to deliver something tiny with zero security. So it has to be tiny in weight and value. The dream has died. Also rather pleasingly CASA now understand there is a difference between drones and model aircraft and have become very easy to work with. I hope things go so well for my British friends.
  6. Hi Folks I'm a Scotsman living in Australia (please don't hate me). I am considering returning to the UK to live. What is the cost and availability of glow fuel in the UK these day? Here is Aus I pay about 65 UK quids for 5 litres of Klotz oil. 80 quid for 5 litres of nitro and 30 quid for 20 litres of methanol. I have to mail order the oil and nitro but the methanol is local. How does that compare to your prices? Also, how are you managing with ethanol petrol? Do model aircraft engines run OK on it? Or are you separating the petrol? We can still buy 98 octane unleaded here. For the moment at least. cheers Jack PS excuse my colloquial terms but my Aussie keyboard doesn't have a pounds sign.
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