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  1. Just one last thing, how old is thefuel you are using. I had engine problem last year with an inverted four stroke.My fuel had overwintered in my garage. Someone suggested getting fresh fuel which I did and it solved the problem.
  2. Only met the great man once and that was quite a short conversation. It was at the Barkston Nationals. I had just opened my boot to get out a free flight model for the evening jamboree. A face appeared over my shoulder and exclaimed "an ED bee mark one but what's the model". When I turned around to say it's a Vic Smeed Miss 38 I saw it was Boddo. After a quick chat he was gone, camera at the ready looking for something else to photograph.
  3. Can someone give me the dimensions or bearing numbers for the front and rear crankshaft bearings for the SC 52 FS engine.
  4. changed my pay pal password as advised by pay pal.
  5. I wasnt aware of it. Fortunately it wasnt for much money. I am not sure where the guy lived.
  6. I recently placed an advert in the wanted column for an engine part. After a few days I had an email from a guy saying he knew of a friend who had the said item and would be willing to sell it. After contacting said friend a deal was struck and I agreed to pay via pay pal. The strange thing was his pay pal e mail mail address was different from the address that I was contacting him on. After a long wait said item did not arrive and my e mails are not answered. I have contacted pay pal who are investigating.
  7. This evening I have been pricing up balsa, spruce and a few odds and ends for my latest project. I had already purchased a laser cut cut kit of components but need sheet and spruce for spars. When one sheet of 3/8"x4"x48" balsa costs £9 I can see the attraction of using less balsa, but what is the alternative.
  8. Anyone got a OS 743 silencer for an OS40FSR.
  9. Thanks for the replies, I assume if it was a priming port you would need a hypodermic needle to fit the hole.
  10. A question regarding the OS 743 silencer. On some silencers there is a small hexagonal screw with a very small hole in it almost opposite the exhaust inlet. I am not talking about the pressure take off nipple. Any idea why that is.
  11. South Glos Close to Welsh border at Chepstow
  12. When the picture was taken it had an Enya engine which I couldnt get to idle. I changed it to the OS.
  13. 2 OS 40 FSR engines.Nice clean engines,recently stripped and bearings replaced by me,then run and tested. Only one has a silencer. Probably the most powerful 40 sized engines produced. £110 plus P&P or I will split if required.
  14. Plan built by me, powered by an OS 40 FSR. Only had a couple of flights but I now need to make space for a new project. £ 100 buyer would need to collect from South Glos.
  15. Or running up an ED Bee in a shed with the door shut and feeling the effects of ether ( I was that soldier)
  16. I do use a gyro but only in one of my models. My very old Precedent Stampe does really not like blowy conditions and it always seems to be breezy where I live. It enables me to keep it on the straight and level without too much effort.
  17. Bought one of the drills today. Plugged it in to a USB charger rated at 5v 2A. The USB charger became very hot, in fact so hot that I unplugged it. I assume I need to get a USB charger rated at 4A to be able to charge it.
  18. Been thinking abut the missing Nationals for some time now. It would seem that the old Nationals at Barkston are now dead and burried. Whilst it is fine to be holding events at Buckminster it isnt the same as having a big old jamboree style get together. Are efforts being made by the BMFA to try and find a substitute venue for Barkston, or are we stuck with one off events at Buckminster.
  19. We have our own sit on mower which is operated and maintained by one member. He also has a trailer so that it can be taken off site during the winter running costs are provided by club funds. He takes great pride in maintaining our strip and despite offers of help is happy to carry on. We are eternally grateful for his efforts.
  20. Thanks for all the helpfull replies. Certainly gives me something to go on. It all looks a bit more complicated than I envisaged but I have a whole winter to sort it out.
  21. I dont know, that is why I was asking for advice on a set up.
  22. Thanks for the replies. I have checked the weight of the model with the engine removed and it comes to 5lb 5oz. It will not be subject to aerobatics just a bit of leisurely flying
  23. Two OS 40 FSR engines only one has silencer. Both engines have had recently had new bearings. These are very powerful engines. Probably some of the best 40 sized engines made. £110 Plus P&P the pair, or I will split if requested.
  24. I recently built a Stolp Starlet from plans This is a 72 inch span model which is powered by a 70 four stroke using a 11x7 prop. Without blinding me with science I am thinking of converting this to electric power. What size electric motor, battery and speed controller set up would give me the same power output as a 70 four stroke.and what sort of flight duration could I expect. I am familiar with LI Po batteries and charging as I have an electric powered glider.
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