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Johns Skywriter....will it be spelt correctly ?

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Right then time to make a start.

Will be made with a few minor alterations that suit how i like to build, inset ailerons and looking to save weight where possible especially at the back end.

F2 will be moved back a bit to mount motor on threaded rod, easier to fit up and adjust thrust that way if you're like me and not much cop with a ruler, motor not chosen yet but i like mine to go a bit.

Most of it will come out my scrap box so size of materials will stray from the plan at times, upper rear stringers may get reduced in numbers to save a bit of weight, but not at the cost of looks.

Ailerons may get a servo each, depends how i feel when i get there, elevator/rudder a decent mini should sort those.

First job is trace formers and ribs out, old fashioned or cheapskate ? well by the time i've been staples n back job could've been done. wink


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Hi John,

As I just subscribed to your build, I hope you'll gratify your readers with a few 'extras' like a laminated fin a stab LE, laminated wing tips, dual servos for the inset ailerons, a closed loop for the rudder and, of course, a 'Lycoming 6 cyl. type' glass fiber cowl to close the front end... wink

I now just hope I got 'my spelling' right...



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I was realising that, John. I was just 'teasing' you.

Fine to foresee some spare ribs. I did the same for my Bella Ballerina ribs as well, but that was before I realized that I was building it 'too large' so the spares rapidly 'disappeared' into the build.

So, look out for some 'extra' wingspan with your Skywriter... angel

Looking forward to your 'assembling' start, young man.



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Hmm, I tried to google "a man with rag arms", but it did not make me any wiser. Guessing - from rag doll - that it means weak or without strengh. Here I am trying to keep progress on two builds (an F3P plane and the Skywriter). Not to be recommended, if you build as slow as I do. But next week my wife is away, which means unlimited building after work.


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