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Johns Skywriter....will it be spelt correctly ?

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Posted by Gary Manuel on 24/01/2017 16:17:13:
Posted by john stones 1 on 24/01/2017 16:11:44:

Aye i was curious why you wanted to know , thought i was being inspected by the weight police wink


She's at my house at the moment.

I'll send her round after she's finished advising me what I shouldn't be eating.

You should not be eating wine gums !!!

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Well, I'm rather shy, John. blush

But, I'll try to do my best.

A 'classical' rule for inset ailerons seems to be:

- 1/4 of the wingspan.

- positioned as close as possible to the wingtip.

- with a depth of 1/4 of the chord if it is a constant chord wing.

Is that of any help to you?



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