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Fuel tank setup

Ian Bagshaw

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How do people set up their fuel tank and engine so you don't loose power in outside loops or whenever the plane is in a vertical dive?

Currently my OS55 has a standard fuel setup with pressure from the exhaust with a one way valve, but when I'm at the bottom of the loop the engine is searching for fuel.

Many thanks


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Ian, the way to prevent any fuel running back out through the pressure line is to loop the tubing up over the engine mount first then down to the exhaust. I always loop all three lines, it also prevents siphoning to an inverted mount. You will have to take the tank out and put in longer tubing, whilst there check free movement of the clunks and fit metal fuel clips at the outlets. No risk of slippage then.

As said above.. no extra valves!

ps it's good practise to drain tank of all fuel after flying session and burn off any left in carb line.

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