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  1. Thanks for replying Phil. Optifuel is red, same colour as Contest 10 so I presume it's Klotz.
  2. Phil,, Do Opti fuel use the same oil - Klotz Techniplate..? I do miss Contest 10.
  3. I have one NIB. The wood is not good, not balsa but they fly good with that wing area. It has a thick wing so not meant to be a rocket ship. 120 4st is ample, I will use a 90.
  4. Nick, look out for an SH (South Herts) twin intelligent onboard glow.. Both plugs will stay lit so no chance of flameout.. Plus, it only comes on when it detects low plug voltage ie. when cold fuel comes in on an aboarded landing.
  5. Hangar 9 pro-lite wheels are low bounce and much lighter than Dubro. I think these wheels have an inner foam core. The Slec / Radio Active wheels are good too.
  6. Maxlock connectors seem like a good solution, but, does it require cutting the plug off servo lead and crimping ?
  7. The PZ Wildcat is a lovely little flyer.. The thin plastic cowl cracks easily so best to reinforce with F/G inside.
  8. I have the same problem.. cannot view.. No withdrawals but would like to have access same as everyone else..!
  9. Yes, it's the Rx battery voltage using LiFe. The audio warning came on - "low battery" and straight after it crashed. Rx battery was showing 6.4V so I presume it 'fell off the cliff'. Should the alarm be set at 6.5V ? Or, is anything below 6.6 in danger territory.
  10. A club member's model crashed due to total loss of control due to Rx battery. He was using a small 2s LiFe and had not charged it since previous flying session. The Rx voltage showed 6.4V on Tx. So, my question is - What is the lowest voltage one should go down to with a LiFe to be safe?
  11. The Pup looks lovely in the air.. Nice pics!
  12. Timing is important in a stall turn. Use the momentum on the upline just before the model comes to a complete stand still. It also matters which way you turn.
  13. I had problems logging on to RCM&E to view magazines. I had to request a new password because they are two different sites. I use Firefox on my laptop and it works perfectly.
  14. Amazing build Tim.. coming along in leaps and bound! Never knew a Spitfire build would require hand stitching, except maybe perhaps the pilot's attire. Good flying tomorrow chaps.
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