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  1. Here is the 10J compatibility list Rocker
  2. If this is the transmitter Neddy 1st presented It was designed That you can select correctly and electronically Mode 1 or Mode 2
  3. At 5 - 6 foot, by 1 foot square, boxes are expensive, around £20 Simon, but you can make one from boxes with strip wood framing. Carriers need a phone call and deliver 5 - 6 foot packages £10 - £15. This is why most sellers advertise large items to collect.
  4. In settings Go to Ground in view, and tick that Now fly
  5. Sorry to harp on again about the value of flight sims, set up correctly with Ground IN View. Over the decades at my 2 clubs, chaps have arrived at the field, and flown reliably enough to be flying alone, without previous instruction, but had used flight sims to gain knowledge, 5 chaps. Other able flyers have learned and practiced acrobatics to bring to the field, learned at home. Just use a flight SIM 10 - 15 minutes a day, to move forward.
  6. Right Ned The transmitter should be fully charged, but not switched ON. The transmitter is always switched OFF The transmitter comes ON when the Phono is plugged into it. The computer uses just the sticks of the transmitter and does not need the RF board live.
  7. One end of your Phono lead goes into the USB dongle, the dongle then goes into the computer USB socket Then the remaining Phono goes into the back of your transmitter
  8. My Phoenix does work on Windows 11, but I have to follow this sequence for it to launch. Assume the Phoenix is installed and the computer is now OFF. Get the transmitter, which is also Off, and plug in its Phono lead plug. The transmitter will then come on. Now put the other USB end into the computer. Now switch on the computer and allow loading to finish. Now try to launch Phoenix.
  9. Do you have the transmitter manual Ned that shows calibration? As there is a whole load of joystick calibration to do, and may help you get it working.
  10. You can't protect, as you point out, against this Martin. Those details are all that is needed to complete a transaction. online purchases, done electronically, do not provide the shop with your cvv, so is safer than speaking down the phone
  11. Correct, Blacks for Batt and servos at the bottom
  12. Right, you see White or yellow at the top, Red the middle All blacks to the bottom
  13. I ran out of time to edit But the AR620 receiver does plug into the Reflex V2 which is a gyro, and will stabilise the model As mentioned above The AR620 is not a stabiliser
  14. On Leccy, I tried helping out my market trader brother in law, buying 10 such boxes, that would suit us, 4 foot by 18 inch square, double walled card. We had to buy 10, or 100 boxes. 10 cost us £180. Shipping by courier one box containing goods was £15. We had to ask customers £33 postage. It was a nightmare. A sport plane with separate wing halves would probably fit a 4 foot box, but adding £33 carriage can't go down well.
  15. Yes, inverted I fly the 26, and the Saito 30 and 40, inverted And like you, the tank has to be rock bottom, On floor of the model And with each, plumbing has to be spot on, and I fly all three on 5% nitro
  16. I fly successfully on your set up Extra Slim, although on a 9 x 5 prop. it has to be fuel flow, as you summise, but you have to have half the idle screw hole covered by screwing in. and you won't like this, although all new, you have a fuel pipe pressure leak, or a tank pressure leak, or the clunk sticking at the back of the tank. The 4oz tank has a very short clunk pipe, than can wander high in the tank, or get stuck. go over each joint and every inch of the tank under water with soap bubbles blow every pipe, blocking the others in turn. You have a pressure leak I feel.
  17. Just getting a pic from Banggood Leccy Specifications: Item Name: EO-26 B2 Bomber Color: Brown, Blue (optional) Remote Control: 2.4G 6CH Airplane Battery: 3.7V 550mAh LiPo Charging Time: About 60 mins Flight Time: About 6 mins Airplane Size: 31.5*20*6cm Package Size: 39.5*25*7cm
  18. Richard, although it was a small amount of money, this scammer has your paypal and email details, so change your password on both to something more substantial. Once they get your details, they commence hammering away at passwords to get into accounts.
  19. Count the magnets in the motor Here from RCgroups For a brushless motor, the number of poles (magnets) determines the optimum timing. Less timing advance is more efficient and higher timing advance is more powerful but uses more juice, within the range that a particular motor can use. E-flite Pro ESC timing recommendations: Low Timing Advance Timing Degrees – 5 & 10 Motor Poles – 2 to 4 Expected Performance – Good balance of power and efficiency Motor Poles – 6 or more Expected Performance – Best efficiency and run time (lowest power) Standard Timing Advance Timing Degrees – 15 & 20 Motor Poles – 6 to 12 Expected Performance – Good balance of power and efficiency Motor Poles – 14 or more Expected Performance – Best efficiency and run time (lowest power) High Timing Advance Timing Degrees – 25 Motor Poles – 12 Expected Performance – Highest power, less efficiency Motor Poles – 14 or more Expected Performance – Good balance of power and efficiency
  20. Up to around 1943, both here and the USA, small garages with workshops with tooling, dabbled with small petrol engines for model aeroplanes, resulting in many design one-offs, as production ceased until the end of the war, and motors became available again. Point being, one off design petrol engines were quite common.
  21. Right Allan, the 3 flicks in 3 seconds, is not rushed, nice and steady as switches bounce a 3 seconds is steady One- and - Two- and Three.....steady Or in the workshop Use the button on the S8R to do the same thing,, steady one and two and three Use the button on the reciever
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