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  1. In this modern era of cars with very expensive alloy wheels and cracked aluminium cylinder heads. All a repaired by Aluminium Welders in most towns Look them up
  2. I wish we had a few more members in the club like you Keith. You enjoy the features your club offers, and you fly, with a positive analytic attitude. You are there because you want to be. Flying a model is not easy, and I would just continue with your one input flying. You react to the model by brief one stick at a time control. This is not unusual. Multi inputs are pleasing when they come either naturally or by practice, practice and more practice. Drumming, driving or using a knife and fork are all contact sports, a direct input of hand or foot feels weight or pressure as a response produces an output. But flying a model, we are remote, often far away, is not a contact sport. And we have to process with our eyes, the shape we see in the air to point it a certain way at a certain speed in a certain moment ( not easy at all ) So continue to enjoy your flying one stick input at a time But practice on your transmitter that this much aileron, with this much elevator at the same time is a nice smooth turn and even better with a small increase input of power coming out of the turn and reduce lower again to cruise. That is multitasking in a simple turn, so orchestrate it in your mind 1st, then in the air, then build on this
  3. True on the different modes Frank, that trims may not duplicate. But the way I was shown as an instructor was that I would fly the Master, and take off, and be satisfied with the trim. On the Slave, other mode, a competent flyer would take the sticks and I would switch them into the model, that they then set the trims correctly on the Slave.
  4. Craig, just leave the 35mhz aerial down/ retracted The 2.4 ghz is doing the wireless communication.
  5. My " Tony " was RC, and a total handful to fly, but the camouflage stuck with me and Jap style canopy.
  6. Is that a Kawasaki " Tony " ? Mike
  7. 2 inch at SLEC https://www.slecuk.com/spinners
  8. Measure up for a similar one from Carbon copy http://www.carboncopyuk.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=59
  9. Start by checking this bit Andy Firmware upgrade After connecting the M6DAC to the computer with the USB cable in the box, the computer will recognize a USB disk named Toolkit, download the upgrade file app.upg on the official website Copy and Paste the new file to overwrite the previous files in the USB disk, and the firmware can be upgraded.
  10. It is correct lads, that low mileage can badly effect the battery. Many companies recommend 4000 miles per year minimum to maintain a battery. If you do have to run a low mileage regime, the battery needs topping up. To achieve a good input from a car alternator typically occurs around 40mph, and a minimum top up should be around 30 minutes, Therefore it you find the battery lacking, nip out onto the dual carriageway for 30 minutes or a spin down the motorway for 15 minutes.
  11. My main club said our winter goodbyes last September, and hopes we could fly again in March 2024, but due to weather and water logging, we have fingers crossed for April.
  12. For your safety Martin, your charger shows a " Low Voltage error " because the charger wants nothing to do with your lipos lack of life. If you try any of the revival hacks, then have your Eyes on the set up at all times, and check for anything warming up. as suggested, and my view too, just buy a new lipo.
  13. absolutely moisture Andy, and temperature Metallurgists know fully the implications of temperature and moisture making changes to most metals, and surprisingly, non ferrous metals usually more weatherproof, but add polarity and stuff starts falling apart
  14. 3mm LH studding Stew Look at the 1/10th scale rc car lads Tie rods and track rods, 3mm LH
  15. Yes Aidan, you are no novice, perfect flying of this multimotor warbird, with attention to keep it on the move at all times, right down to landing. The types can bite you, but your ability to maintain smooth level wing flying made this a joy to watch.
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