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Which electric motor for a vintage MADCAP ?


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Hi all, While on lockdown I've decided to replace the 1cc Paw diesel in my Madcap with an electric motor, but I've never done anything electric.

Could you learned modellers please point me in the right direction for a suitable electric setup.

The model is 43" wingspan but only weighs 16oz (455gms).

Picture below, thanks.


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I like the cheap Emax CF2812 for models like that.


Or the CF2822 if you want to run a larger prop.

a 20a ESC is fine, with a 2S or 3S battery.

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Hi Andy, thanks for the info. although I have used Banggood I was hoping for a UK supplier as there are very long delays getting stuff from China at the moment.

Would there be an equivalent from a UK supplier or even Hobbyking europe ?

As I said I've not done electric before and there seems to be a huge range and the numbers mean nothing to me, I'm not even sure what voltage these things operate at ??


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This listing has some good info too.

You'll need a 3mm prop adapter and some bullet connectors. a 7x4 or 7x6 electric prop (for 3 cells).

Smaller batteries will probably have a JST connector, so you'll need to solder one to the ESC:


One thing to look out for - the grub screws that hold the motor to the mount are best replaced by longer 3mm screws which are threadlocked in. The grub screws have a tendency to loosen.

I have used many of these motors - cheap and powerful. Ideal for planes of this size.

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Both the mentioned Emax motors are also here a couple of £ cheaper than Ebay.
Or if you want a heavier (IMO more robust) motor that will require less nose weight for the model there's the Keda 2213/20 or even one of the 2217 versions. As you will see they each come with a range of connectors & accessories so even though they're dearer the price is more than covered by the savings on these.

PS just noticed this Emax motor that also looks good proposition. 


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Hi all, and thanks for the replies, although it's all still a bit like black magic to me thinking.

How do the motor numbers relate to power ??

Someone else has said a Turnigy 2730-1300kv motor produces 100w of power which is equal to a Paw 1.0cc diesel which is what I want to replace...…??

Are there any sources of reference for a beginner like me to make sense of all this elektrickery ?

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I believe Gibbs Guides are well thought of. Also the late, great, Dave Burton (BEB on this forum) wrote some excellent articles in RCM&E over the years which were useful for both beginners and experts alike.

As for 'how are the numbers related to power' A simple question but not so simple answer, apart from, they are not! Sorry to be flippant.

Welcome to the forum, some good questions.

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