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Silver Wolfs Fury K2065

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fury_1_sqn_1_by_ws_clave-dpor6g.jpgHopefully this one will get built a little quicker than the chippy, although with two wing's it's asking a lot.

Would be grateful if a mod could make the graphic above the header please.

Late for start of class, at least I've made a start. It will be powered by a laser, not sure what size yet, possibly a 1.20 or 1.55



Will get the tailplane and elevators done next, wings will follow once Danny has done the ground work. But I do need to get some more done on the chippy.




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Slow progress, but at least progress.


When cutting the ribs I have noticed that the edge being cut is not as square as I would like.


I normally use several cuts and keep the blade square, but still end up with less than perfect edges.

Not really to much of a problem as these will get sanded square, would be nice to get ab better edge to start with.



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Just a few bits done, have been side tracked with DIY.


Servo rails mounted and push rod layouts planned, this is something that I normally leave to the end


Modified F1 for Laser 80


Getting ready for fun and games with fuselage formers.


Not much building done but now starting to fly regular, really prefer to be outside than being in model shop if the weather is decent.

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