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Plotter for cutting vinyl letters and numbers

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Anyone got experience of using a "home" (rather than semi-professional) plotter cutter for making registration letters/numbers from self adhesive vinyl? If so, what are machine you using and what software to drive it? What are pitfalls?  It may not be worthwhile getting one, but the theoretical  ease of cutting letters and professional finish of items appeals.


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Silhouette Cameo (304 mm max width), Silhouette Studio basic (free, will accept .dxf files).


Pitfalls: make sure your vinyl off the roll goes in straight for large lengths, if one of the drive wheels goes off the edge it is mayhem.


For the rest it performs amazingly well, small size lettering down to 6-7 mm height is no problem ( just difficult to weed out the centre bits from a's, e's, o's, d's, q's and p's, and keeping the dots on the i in place ?).

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Silhouette Cameo with the supplied Silhouette Studio software, which has done everything I've wanted of it to date. Found a good supplier of matt vinyl which works really nicely for roundels and lettering. Import of True Type fonts gives access to a wide variety of different type faces, including RAF and USAF fonts.


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Cricut Explore works for me.


Have used for vinyl markings and also making spray masks/templates.

these are the inly photo’s i have right now on ipad ... sorry.












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I recently bought a 14” Vevor cutter after thinking about it for ages: best toy I’ve ever bought! The free software is too basic to do much but the upgrade is quite useful and I’ve been playing with it ever since. The first few cuts were a disaster but with help from YouTube I’m now getting more reliable results. I can see all my models acquiring decorative stickers soon ?.


As an example I’ve attached a before and after picture of a new glider that I wanted to decorate with some stars. Using the cutter enabled me to attach them all in one go and produce mirror image cuts so each wing panel was identical. 

As an added benefit my grandchildren love it too, there are stars stuck all over the house!




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Sihouette Cameo for me.  One great feature of the associated Studio software is that it can import and then trace pictures to convert them into cutting files.  Useful for non-standard fonts used for registration markings, as well as for other artwork.

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On 11/06/2022 at 22:32, Tim Hooper said:

Cricut Maker.


Works well on vinyl, and even tissue.


Comes with basic fonts, shapes, etc.  Anything fancier and you have to pay for it.









I've got a Cricut, and the software I have can use any font. I use Craft Robo controller. A bit clunky by today's standard but works well enough.

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