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Foam model holders HD

Ron Gray

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I have started a new thread for these holders as I no longer make the smaller, Std and XL ones.


These holders are made from 20mm thick, dense foam and measure approximately 700mm long x 300mm wide and have a flat bottom allowing them to be used on tables and the back of vehicles to provide a secure platform to either work on the model or transport it. 25mm holes are cut in the sides to enable the holders to be fitted to cheap music stands which then gives a nice comfortable working height. The ends can be supplied with either a flat top for you to cut to suit your models or you can let me know the sizes and I will cut the ends for you for a slight extra cost. Likewise extra tall ends can be provided to give more tail to worktop clearance when the model is being worked on when inverted. Extra wide ends can also be supplied to fit those larger bodied fuselages. Whilst I haven't tested them to destruction I regularly use mine to support my 82" Hurricane which is a porky 9.7Kg!. Custom modifications can also be accommodated - just ask!


Prices which include P&P are - Holder with flat top ends £37, with ends with cut outs £40


This one has slots so that the customer can strap it to his workbench when at the field.






Shaped ends for different models












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A very sharp, thin bladed kitchen knife is best imo. Thin blade (eg filleting knife) so that it can cut the curves if that's what you need. Mark out the cut then push the blade right through the foam and use a sawing action to slowly cut round the mark.

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