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Why is my printer printing bananas?

Allan Bennett

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It's probably as fireproof as the majority of knock off Chinese lipo bags, as in not very fireproof at all. I'll do a little more research on actually using it  before printing anything substantial. There are vents on one side and the top and when I previously looked at these enclosures there was some concern raised that the use of enclosures can actually increase updrafts past the buildplate in use.  Wish I'd picked up one of those remote sensing thermometers that was on offer in Middle of Lidl a few weeks ago, which I might well follow up on.


I'm about to start my first experiments with LW-PLA, so it will be good to have a more constrained environment to try to ensure repeatability.


It's quite an imposing structure on the bench and, unfortunately will impeded the use of my bench vice for some jobs, for which it might have to be moved away temporarily. It also cuts down on some of the light coming from one of my wall mounted LED tubes.

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