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Gyroo II 'the pusher version'

Richard Harris

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5 hours ago, Stephen Jones said:

Here is a Picture of mine so far.



Boots, Blades and motor mount to Do.


Now that's a fine looking covering job Stephen. I just used scrap offcuts of balsa to make up my spats, I find it quite therapeutic sanding them to shape.

Not much left to do!

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More wood than I currently have would of gone into making the spats so I have decided to try Depron.



So above is 5mm Depron sheet.




And seven layers of foam later




My foam wheels are 55mm in Diameter.

waiting to fully dry then I will add thin ply on the inside and out to allow a good fixing point.

Oh and sand of coarse 😜





The some of parts covered in scraps of covering and tape.



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Nice work Stephen :classic_cool:



I am about to fit an available motor to test on my Gyroo II, this one is has a higher KV so I will prop it down to a 7 x4 and gauge the difference. It's the same size and weight as the turnigy one so there is no need to re-aligne the thrust position.




I have been promising Chris for a few weeks to take a photo of how mine hangs from the motor centre so here you go mate. Hopefully it will help the other Beta builders too.

As you can see I'm above the vertical CG slightly as the airframe is anglled nose to the right a tad in this orientation.  The string is the vertical datum and the tail boom is my thrust datum as I know its edges are parallel with the thust line. This seems to work well with this airframe, Steve J2's example  pretty much matches this and there is another set up the same awaiting for it's maiden.




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Hi Richard,

I have been wait for the weather to be nice enough for me to go outside and do some sanding.

Blades and motor mount, hopefully tomorrow will get some sanding done.

I notice the other builder have used closed loop for the Rudder and added extra weight to the nose.

Looks like you are just using a push rod for your Rudder is that right.

And did you add weight to your nose. ?


Steve (Number 1) 😁

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Hi Steve (no1).


Yes, I have gone with a push rod rather than a closed loop system, it's just easier to cut a hole in the fuselage for me. Mine is supported halfway across the boom with a tube simply sellotaped on so its easy to remove. Like wise Steve's is easy to remove but a little more effort is needed to mount the servo.

There are 3 completed models so far and all have needed ballast weight up front to achieve the correct CG ( not sure about Chris's yer?).

I've tried lengthening the nose and shortening the tail boom but the proportions just don't look right. 

Unfortunately there are too many variables like wood mass, different motor weights etc.

So the easiest way to get around this is  to mark a ballast area on the plan,the rotor disc area is good for a considerable amount of added church roof.

I think I added about 20g to my nose, AUW of mine is 1070g and it is quite floaty in calm conditions.

Steve, Rich and Chris will know doubt confirm their weights when they spot this?

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On 27/01/2024 at 07:31, Richard Harris said:


Thanks for the Pic Rich The AUW of my model came in at 1108gms..soundf a bit heavy This was because I did not have access to Light ply..just the old domestic DIY stuff.I know its a bit sad ,but unfortunately the light ply is unavailable as well as unaffordable.

I have made my model as a one piece job and so I could/should have used balsa down the back under the stab and I'm pretty sure this would have saved me adding around a 100gm to the nose. I did this by removing a whole chunk of balsa from between the ply outer skins on the underside of the nose. So there is your ballast box rich already built into the design. My model is ready to go apart from finding the motor that I had, did not have the get up and go .I now see that my new  motor is in transit but has been rejected by Australian customs .So let that be a warning ,do not try to smuggle a brushless motor into the country..What a pity as the weather has been pretty flyable recently and no sign of floods like in the UK recently.


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Shame you can't get lite ply down under but I think you will be OK as yours is not that much heavier than ours.

Sounds a bit frustrating waiting for the motor, haven't you got Australian online shops you could go to?


My thrustline is parallel to the boom and 90 degrees to the mast, its an optical illusion as the models not quite square to the camera.


I've been out with mine again today, this time with the higher kv 4max motor and smaller prop fitted. Can't say that it felt any different to the slower motor. 

I even managed to fly it at my local park this afternoon, kept it close in and managed to fly around the trees.

Good fun.

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SJ2   I have a question re the Minidigital Protractor that you are using on this project. I have been looking at them for years ,but was thinking that the weight of the unit would affect its reading on our lightweight models such as when holding the model at the balance point and sitting the unit on the horizontal stab because sometimes the stab is the only horizontal point to get a reading.

I do like the your choice of colour scheme on your model .I bet it took longer than the build.



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Hi ,

Mine is now Complete and ready for its maiden.



I used foam to make up my Spats I may paint or try covering them later.




I did not have a long length of wire to reach the rudder so decided to do this instead as it also keeps the push wire neat and secure along the boom




This is where I put my Receiver to keep it away from the Esc and position the antenna at 90 degrees also away from the Esc.




Maiden soon I hope.




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