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Brushless motor replacement help please!

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The Aero star 2836-2200kv (4s / 7x3 prop) installed in my stock Durafly ME163 decided to give up today due to a shorted cable from the ESC, which died as well.


The motor seems to be out of stock everywhere.


I have found a few replacements that are close, but not being an expert in this field, I would be grateful for some help.


Must be at least as good as the stock, which was a bit of a missile!.


Thanks. Simon

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2 hours ago, SIMON CRAGG said:

Thx Shaun, but only 3S.


It says 'recommended' 2S or 3S.  Generally speaking it's not volts (cell-count) that kills motors, but amps.  Provided you keep the amps within the recommended limit by choosing an appropriate prop size the motor will be okay. 


To make the right decision we also need to know the dead motor's watts rating, or what measured watts you were actually achieving with it.  If you have no data, then what size ESC was it using?

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The set up was an Aerostar 2836-2200kv Data on this motor hard to come by, but the stock motor that is fitted to the Durafly ME163.

4s 60c 2200 lipo

60a esc

46A / 684W Wattmeter readings.

Ideally, I would like to find something that fits the existing mount (difficult to get to), and similar if not better performance.




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I am not an expert (on anything!) but If I may say so, Simon, 46A is a heck of a lot of Amps to be putting through a 28mm dia. motor irrespective of whether it is a stock motor on the Durafly ME163 or not. 

The 4Max motor Shaun linked too was a similar spec. to your Aerostar motor and the max continuous Amps is 28A continuous and 35A for 10s. I am not surprised your model was ‘a bit a missile’ 😁(with a 7x4 prop) or the ESC ‘shorted out’! 🔥 

Hopefully on your 4s Me163  there is better motor ventilation than on my 3s version. It could be informative if someone could type the numbers into Motorcalc?

Anyway, I will be interested to hear what George at 4Max has to say. I hope you get it sorted in any event Simon. 👍


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