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  1. How about a suitably beefed up BB Astro Hog? Had one for many years........fantastic model!.
  2. Another fantastic source of info is "e.calc". I am by far from an expert on all things electric, but this is a very simple way of finding out various combinations of prop / motor /esc etc. I'd be lost without it!
  3. Robbie Cessna 150 foamie, converted to run on x2 50mm EDF Up to 8 minutes flight on a Rhino 3300 4s. It was on its way to the dump, so really pleaded with the result!.
  4. I found a HUGE container of water based polyurethane satin varnish at our local dump (great place for paint and lots of other stuff than can be used for modelling!). Gives a great finish, does not fade, and gives a degree of protection. No sticky brushes to clean either.
  5. This is my latest project. A Robbie Cessna 150 (Hard Foam - a club member was about to scrap it, so in a bit of a state), powered by two QX 50mm EDF motors from Ali Express. 1 x 4S 3300 Rhino lipo. Really enjoyable project, bringing something back from the dead, and my first go at twin ESC / EDF etc. Potters about quite happily for 8 minutes, but has a reserve of power to taxi and get out of trouble. Amazing how much fun you can have without spending a fortune!.
  6. Well done Bonzo for persevering! Having made several of these type of models, I would say it looked tail heavy, maybe too much movement and not enough expo. You did well coping with that wind as well! Please be careful with that prop, I have seen to many bad accidents with exposed pushers. Keep the videos coming...........they are great!.
  7. I have read a few reviews on the Turbnigy Rapid lipos sold by HK UK. I think they are aimed at the car market, but on the face of it cannot see why they would not be any good for our models. Hi C rating, lightweight, good prices etc etc. Am I missing something here?.
  8. Agreed. My mission today is to collate all our various first aid kits into one box, paint a suitable white background and red cross and our just three words location. Also check / find our incident book. Might even talk defibs at some point!.
  9. This topic is turning out to be a bit of a minefield to say the least. Looks like its up to each club just to do what they think is best. Some clubs doing more than others etc etc etc. Needless to say, our little club will be doing as much as possible not only to be as safety conscious as possible, but have as many tools available if it goes pear shaped. Safety is no accident.
  10. A few days ago, I advertised a few models etc on the BMFA Classifieds. Yes, the BMFA have a warning banner at the top of the page. Anyway, within 15 mins of my ad. I had two suspicious "buyers". Both wanted to pay by Paypal, not bothered about the cost of postage, would do F&F etc. Smelling a very large rat, I asked them both for their full name and address for postage. Still waiting........................................ Seems a good way of getting rid of them.
  11. Our Fire Extinguisher, buckets of water and sand, first aid kit all go out at every flying session. If nothing else, the farmer has commented on how well we look after the site and are aware of the fire risks etc. If somebody hurts themselves in any way.....we help them. End off. Some people seem to have a real "Jack" attitude when it comes to helping others in their hour of need. Very odd.
  12. We have had What three words on the club caravan and our notice board since it was first rolled out.
  13. Thanks Chaps I'll have another go at trying to elicit a response from the BMFA on the subject.
  14. Does anybody know what our legal responsibilities are ref First Aid facilities at the flying patch? Cannot find any guidance via the BMFA so far. We have got a decent First Aid kit on site, and an accident book.....thats it. Something we need to think about!
  15. I have just purchased a BNIB one of these EDF powered gliders, which I believe is possibly the same as the TOP RC Swift. Only downside is no manual, and for some obscure reason I cannot find one on the net. Can anybody help, point me in the right direction etc?. 1200mm w/s 64mmEDF
  16. George could not help, but I have managed to find a close match. Thx all for your help.
  17. Good idea, I'll get in touch with George!
  18. The set up was an Aerostar 2836-2200kv Data on this motor hard to come by, but the stock motor that is fitted to the Durafly ME163. 4s 60c 2200 lipo 60a esc 46A / 684W Wattmeter readings. Ideally, I would like to find something that fits the existing mount (difficult to get to), and similar if not better performance.
  19. Thx Shaun, just sooooooo many options. All a bit confusing when you cant find like for like, and not sure what is better or worse!
  20. The Aero star 2836-2200kv (4s / 7x3 prop) installed in my stock Durafly ME163 decided to give up today due to a shorted cable from the ESC, which died as well. The motor seems to be out of stock everywhere. I have found a few replacements that are close, but not being an expert in this field, I would be grateful for some help. Must be at least as good as the stock, which was a bit of a missile!. Thanks. Simon
  21. Well, good news on the test flying front. The model flew perfectly, but not wanting to smoke the lipo I flew around at less than 1/4 throttle. As I suspected, it is way to overpowered on 2 x 70mm EDF, so two x 50mm on order. Lighter 60a ESC as well. However, a VERY rewarding model, which was given to me, and a great experiment (Robbie Cessna 150 - I think!).
  22. Even on 3s it was pulling 84a / 960w, so its time to bite the bullet and get two 50mm fans and run on 4s. Good learning exercise so far, and good ideas on here as well. Thanks.
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