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Red Bull air races 2009

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i don't know wether you've noticed but the race schedule this year is finalised  and there's no UK race.
i hope someone else broadcast it as C4 seem to like cramming the program with rubbish presentors, celebs no ones ever heard of who don't know anything about RBAR and loads of pointless adverts. You hardly get to see any of the race! It would be better in my opinion for them to make a full video available from www.redbullairrace.com like the Perth final last year.
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Living in Dubai it is easy for me and some friends to get down to Abu Dhabi.  We have done this for the past 3 years and really exciting to watch.  Will not be able to attend next month as heading off to Thailand for a friend's wedding.  Can you imagine tellng the wife, "sorry dear, can't go to the wedding and the short holiday planned as have to go to the Red Bull Air Races instead !! "  Not good for matrimonial harmony, oh well, it will be on TV at some stage. Similar to Dave's comments above, a "must see at some stage".
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Think of how much better it would be if it was on BBC, proper adverts telling you its on, no adverts to spoil it, its like the F1 now has returned to BBC, it isn't quite as boring now that it doesn't have an ad break every 5 minutes.
The only reason i have seen previous air races is like all the 4 yo re-runs on the unknown channels getting into the 300s on sky!

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A couple of years ago I went to Longleat with the grandkids in the caravan. Didnt realise the Red Bull Air Race was being held there on the saturday. The site warden advised me to stop an extra night and go home on the sunday. He was dead right as the crowds didnt finish leaving until after midnight. The sad part about the story is that we watched them practicing ever day  and when race day came they had to cancel it due to the bad weather. Tipical british weather
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Here's the full TV schedule on ITV4.

2009 Preview: 30 May, 4.30pm
Abu Dhabi quali: 6 June, 5pm
Abu Dhabi race: 7 June, 6 pm
Race magazine: 13 June, 5pm
San Diego quali: 20 June, 5pm
San Diego race: 21 June, 6pm
Race magazine: 27 June, 5pm
Windsor quali: 4 July, 4.30pm
Windsor race: 5 July, 4.30pm
Race magazine: 31 Aug, 5pm
Budapest quali: 12 Sep, 5pm
Budapest race: 13 Sep, 6pm
Race magazine: 19 Sep, 5pm
Porto quali: 26 Sep, 5pm
Porto race: 27 Sep, 6pm
Race magazine: 3 Oct, 5pm
Barcelona quali: 10 Oct, 5pm
Barcelona race: 11 Oct, 6pm
2009 Review: 17 Oct, 5pm
Thrills & Spills: 18 Oct, 6pm
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Hello Air Race fans,
we have all the latest photos, videos & pilot interviews on our e-magazine: http://cde.cerosmedia.com/1Q49dcbfcbf158a907.cde
plus you have a chance to win a holiday for two to the Porto stage of the competition! 
if anyone wants to pump this link out to their contacts / forum groups then I'll happily send you a case of Red Bull...
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