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If a fourms administrator allows this (they may not as they sell the plans too)
How about folks listing their RCME plans they dont want and exchanging them for plans they do?
Im after a set of whizza plans.
I have RCME plans for many models over the last 2 years up for grabs, for free
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Ok heres what plans ive got going to a good home for free
Tripple threat 2
from QEFI magazine
Dont panic
Yard ace
id be happy to lend the following
hirth acrostar
midget mustang
Falcon / MinE falcon

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I've 110 plans ,mostly RCM&E but some Model World ones & others covering the last 4 or 5 years (& the magazines they came in of course) If anyone is interested
OR-.Anyone interested in buying the lot or WHY ( to do with ic engines /servos etc. ?) If so PM me .The plans alone  weigh 2.7 Kg ! .Goodness knows what the postage would be ?
If there's a particular one you want I'll look through them .
What am I letting myself in for I ask myself but if I can help then I will ?

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I am after a plan for Gonzales  from Sept 2007 issue of Quiet & Electric Flight
Thanks x 
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Hi Chris,
               many thanks for the offer mate, I always liked that Crescent wing and high T tail, the design of the Victor and Vulcan were so different from the stuff the U.S was turning out, the B52 to me always looked like a clapped out Crane Fly.
Look up the Messerschmitt Me 264 if you want to build something different, I have a nice set of German plans - 12 foot span - for this big bird.
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hey there everybody Happy new year. I was wondering if anyone has a copy of Brian Taylors 61.5 F4U Corsair that they'd be willing to part with? At the moment I have Pavel Bosaks Corsair but the thing is so vague I'm haveing trouble getting started.
Alternatively if anyone has Corsair drawings that I could use as reff it might help me along in the Bosak build.
Cheers in advance

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