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Greetings from Spain.

I first write in this thread as since 4 or 5 years ago I am in search of a particular plan: Duncan Hutson Scale Plans' 2-1/2": 1´ scale, 57" span M.J.5. "SIROCCO" .

This plan is lost since Traplet took over the Duncan Hutson plans distribution and even now Sarik has not this available nor for sale.

Please do not mistake with the 1/4 scale 69" version which Mr. Hutson originally offered as a full kit and that now Sarik sells as a plan pack. This I was able of buying just prior to Sarik finding and including it in its range.

As far as I have investigated, the 57" span design -for which Mr. Hutson offered a F/G cowl, a canopy and even a decals set- is the only one from Duncan Hutson collection that is missing today. All of the other designs and plans are available from Sarik.

If we succeed finding this plan, not only will be of help for me but for completing a great design collection as it is the Duncan Hutson Scale Plans one.

Thanks and Best Regards.

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On 14/08/2023 at 07:42, Rich Griff said:

Hi Steve, hope you will post thread about making your version, interest in choice of small motors used, but that's a bag of sweets for the future thread.

Yes I'll definitely start a separate thread for it,won't be happening soon but it'll be interesting how it pan's out as I plan to build out of Correx like an F22 Raptor I've made for a friend who flys at Fleet MFC Hampshire.



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