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  1. Simon, Brave project. Could you not increase the wing size, get it flying then slowly reduce the area down to its true scale?
  2. Another is ready to maiden, this one is 90% 3D printed (including the blades) by Ian S who is a bit of master with the plastic autogyros. It's turned out a little heavier than the traditionally built versions but should still have a lightish rotor loading. The weather is looking favourable but a little chilly over the weekend, fingers crossed.
  3. Chris, Looking good, I must try that sanding jig. I've got a final sanding block that I 3d printed which works well but it's in PLA so you have to be careful not to create too much heat. Hang on to that spare set of blades, I will soon be back on track with my 118. The ED is ultra keen on it as you can imagine. Let us know how it goes, don't forget your camera. You lost me with Farthing...............
  4. SIG Rascal for me Ron, a beautiful aeroplane. Why not a double build?
  5. Hi David, Yes, it's a common fuselage with optional wing plans shown for both on the plan. Each are covered in the article. On another note I've been looking at drone motors, some are 6s capable! You can also purchase small 6s packs that would fit in the fuselage. From the thrust figures and the weight of Shifty you would be able to accelerate vertically! My maths maybe incorrect though. Not sure the airframe could take that sort of stress without significant strengthening. But it would be fun......
  6. I sent the Shifty plan to Rich E as he showed interest in it after flying mine the other week. He's sent me a couple of photos today of his cracking example, not bad for 8 days work. Hoping to get the 3 pre publication models together when the balmy spring weather arrives 🙏
  7. Yes, lipo up the front followed by the esc and the receiver just below head servos on mine.
  8. I've had a quick look and I built a Sarik version, though only had the formers. It looks like mine is a 3/8" mast and its been fine. If you do want to go 1/2" you could always stick some sandpaper to a piece of 1/4 x 3/8 " spruce and lengthen the rectangular hole by sanding it? should be pretty effortless I would think.
  9. Tim, Its been I while since I built one, let me double check the mast size. You will probably be OK with a mast that size so I wouldn't worry to much.
  10. Not sure but the finished slot should be for the 1/4 x 1/2" mast to slide into tightly. I double checked mine before committing to afixing the 2nd 3mm light ply outer.
  11. Louis, Generally SARIK hobbies include the magazine article with a purchased plan. The link that Tim added includes alot of information. The tail boom on the Revolver II is removable via two screws through a fibre glass plate mounted to the boom. These are shown on the plan. Here are a few photos that may better explain, hope they help.
  12. I've gone through the Shifty footage from last Saturday and made a short video of the pair flying. Despite them throttling back I found it quite hard to track them against the strange low light sky. No launch footage as that was the camera man's job. Great fun though....
  13. No problem, Will let folk know when I've got a stash of empties ready to shrink. 🙂
  14. Luck more than judgement Chris......😅
  15. Sorry to hear this, I met him a few times at Cocklebarrow Farm, nice chap, RIP I've got one of his aircraft and have a 3/4 built super sized Coquette that is built from one of his plans (I think).
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