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  1. I'm using some wheels I had and have added the top from a WD40 can sprayed grey. That will have to do.
  2. Thanks Paul. Not on stock but look the right dimensions. Will have to use what I have gor the moment
  3. Thanks Paul, Yes the wheels in that walk around do "look" bigger. It's surprising how small the wheel hubs actually are and how "chunky" the tyres look.
  4. The The wheels in the kit are 3.25" which is why they look "too small" to my eye I guess. I do have some 3.75" Robart wheels but they are too narrow in cross-section to look "right". I'll have to look around for something.
  5. Do any of you with this model feel the supplied wheels are too small for scale. I would have thought they should be 3.75" to 4". Or is it just my eyes?
  6. Technical Drawing was my favourite subject at school and I did quite well at it. Until it was dropped as not being a "proper subject". Drawing my plans on tracing film(paper) with black ink. Bought a big roll cheaply from eBay as it had been opened and a few cms cut off the end of the roll. Lovely medium to draw on. And you can put outlines/shapes/ underneath and trace through.
  7. My experience of having a TURP was very positive. I only had a catheter for 2 days after the operation whilst in the hospital. It transformed my life as I no longer had to get up in the night. Obviously everyone's experience and circumstances will be different. But for me the op was very successful and fast to recover from without any subsequent problems.
  8. Nose section sanded, glass clothed and painted. Colour match of paint not great but it will be good enough for test flights. Fuselage front section covered. Just glazing to do.
  9. As far as I can see from the photo the mixing bowl has a big hole on the bottom !
  10. The well flattened nose cone has been soaked in water and once glued back together should be OK to re-use with a bit of filler. The replacement props have arrived. The cockpit roof survived the crash and fits OK with the rebuilt fuselage. Progress is being made.
  11. Here is the link to the survey. Check your risk in 30 seconds
  12. This "Prostate Cancer" news story on the BBC News website this morning: BBC News story on Prostate Cancer
  13. Yes, all 4 servos are the same type. All JR digitals, all the same spec.
  14. Clearing old stock I imagine. It's says something about "opening the vault" on their website.
  15. It's a good question Martin. But the servo is a new JR NX3421 x-bus digital that was and is working perfectly. 5kg torque is more than enough. There was no slop in the linkage either as that was checked prior to the crash. I think it may have been the gyro giving the odd trim change problem?
  16. Hi Chris Thanks for taking the time to read the thread and to respond. You ask some good questions. To answer briefly. The 5s Lipos, though new, were just very poor. Though labelled as 35c they certaint aren't and voltage dropped drastically very quickly. Hence the ESC warnings. I swapped out the 5s lipo for 2 x 4s lipos (40c) which provided plenty of power for the plane and didn't sag under load. So no more ESC warnings. The motors ran and responded perfectly at all times - never any lag or hesitaion. I was/ am using counter rotating 10x8 3 blade props which provided good power and with which there was negligible torque swing on takeoff. I think the problems with the model are mainly rigging/ incidence issues or a faulty gyro unit. I am checking the incidences and adding washout. The gyiro is coming out. I will try it on one lipo pack to reduce AUW. We will have to see whether that improves things
  17. Hi Jon, Thanks for the input. Yes, one engine out would have given that effect, but both engines were working fine before, during and after the crash. However, thinking about it I wonder if the gyro was the cause of problems all along. Intermittent malfunctions could have given the weird and random unsettled moments I experienced before it finally went u/s. I will take it out competely and then I will know any weird flying characteristics are caused by the model not the gyro. Saving weight is one issue. Removing mass from the extremities(front and back of fuselage) is another. Should help the handling??? I will also introduce washout on the top wing to help tame the plane.
  18. It's not an elegant job but it's coming back together. Bit of a 3D jigsaw puzzle!
  19. Martian, Really sorry to hear your PSA figures seem to be going in the wrong direction. Like you I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in April 2019. Many of us are grateful to you for your courage in starting this thread and promoting discussion of this key mens' health issue. Will be thinking of you as you go for tests.
  20. I have finally got round to starting the repairs on the Condor model. I have sripped out the servos from the tail and removed any excess weight I could from the rear of the fuselage. I have largely rebuilt the front fuselage structure and need to think about where to relocate the servos. I want to squeeze the servos and ESC right at the front of the fuselage. l wonder how much weight I will actually be able to lose? Will the model fly any better afterwards? Only one way to find out.
  21. Like Jon I too had an Acrowot powered with an OS 48 fourstroke. It flew fine. Not overpowered but flew perfectly well. So yours with an FS52 should work fine too. Why not try it out as it is before buying a new engine?
  22. All sorted as Steve Webb had the parts needed on stock to repair the existing carburettor. So no need for a replacement carb.
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