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  1. Sorry, just saw you paid via PayPal. Don't they have a dispute resolution scheme?
  2. Credit card insurance is only for transactions over £100 but if a dispute cannot be resolved then the banks have a chargeback scheme for debit card transactions where a claim can be made for a refund. Keep copies of all correspondence and notes of phone calls. Your bank can explain more.
  3. I have emailed Evri twice in the last few days about a non collection and, guess what, no reply. Situation normal then.....
  4. Just ordered a blue plaque for the house..!! Used Evris new phone service and ACTUALLY spoke to a human being who answered my query. Long may it last
  5. I used to work in a department where the sales manager used to stand up when the managing director was on the phone!
  6. Interesting, once you get past the security warnings there appears to be a fully functioning web site. Perhaps someone who lives in the area could check out the address... 'We are located in Chester at Unit 1, Townfield Lane, CH1 6LB, Great Britain.'
  7. Regular boat club a couple of days a week on the small lake at Dovercourt, Essex. Close free parking by the roadside. Couple of nice cafes and a chippy nearby as well!
  8. I think the question is.....Would a Laser 180 (29.5cc) be able to replace a 30cc petrol engine? I don't know personally but I'm sure the Forum will come up trumps.
  9. Thanks guys, food for thought for a retry.....
  10. What good would that do...? My local hospital has a rule that there is no smoking in hospital grounds but you are ankle deep in dog ends just trying to get into the building. Face facts.....smokers/vapers, have no regard for rules, other people, the environment, their personal hygiene(which is why they always stink) They are just drug addicts under another guise.
  11. Better for someone to wallow in a bit of nostalgia than the bin..!
  12. Is there anyone on this forum adept at setting up the Uniden Bearcat 125XLT scanner to work on a laptop/pc? I currently run an Acer Aspire 3 core i5 laptop running Windows 10. I have downloaded ARC125 software but cannot get the laptop to 'talk' to the scanner. I understand that this might be a driver problem but where do I download them from and how do i install them? As usual any and all help greatly appreciated.
  13. A Plane Old Bargain (APOB) has a late model Laser 180 for sale on EBay for £199. Iten number 305630275077
  14. FREE TO A GOOD HOME..! Full of nostalgia. Just been going through some old boxes and came across these.. RCM&E August 1994 - review of Hanno Pretner at Sandown. 1990 MAP Plans Handbook of scale drawings. First come first served....! PM me if interested. Postage paid.
  15. A few years back now but I remember going to an LMA event at Duxford. Does anyone know why this venue can't be used more? It has parking, catering, easy access, room for trade stands and interests for those non modellers in the family.
  16. I bought a Laser 155 from Model Shop Leeds about 6 weeks ago and they were good at keeping me up to date re: production and delivery. I would suggest you talk to them tomorrow and find out the situation regarding the 180.
  17. I received some LiPos via EVRI with no apparent problem but whether the sender fully declared them that's another matter...!
  18. An extra wife or two would greatly improve the airframes/wives ratio but bear in mind the old saying.....more than two wives is polygamy, two wives is bigamy and one wife is monotony..!!
  19. Geoff I have both PC and smartphone apps and will give the PC version a go. Thanks Rob
  20. Geoff Thank you for your post. I have recently downloaded Charge Tracker thank you. If you download the app onto your mobile it also allows you to remotely control the D100 via Bluetooth. Rob
  21. It was a quote from the TV programme widely broadcast at the time. There is also a legitimate engineering tool called a B...... file. Would this be banned should I describe it and it's uses?
  22. Brian, I have used it on NiMh since I bought it. Your suggestion about monitoring voltage as well is good one and one which I shall try.
  23. Frank, thank you for trying these things out. My concern is that cycling these same cells at the same settings on previous occasions I have not seen this phenomenon happen before. I am not infallible and appreciate all the background and suggestions and will try out many of the tips to see if I can bottom it out. Thank you all for your help - which is a lot more than I got from Overlander. !
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