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  1. All I would say Tosh Is: Don't leave that watt meter out in full bright sun, its got the sort of screen on it that will be damaged by too much direct sunlight. (Ask me how I know) My biggest ESC is 80A so I've never tested anything near the 200A limit of this particular meter. But for your average club flyer this is just the ticket! Keep it in your flight box and it'll be fine. KB
  2. I would try thinned out PVA Glue. Paint it on the surface and allow it to dry. KB
  3. Amazon have a good selection of wattmeters, I use the one they currently list for £9.99 cheap and cheerful. I recommend soldering on bullet connectors to the leads when it arrives. Then make yourself some changeable ends so you can test XT60 Deans JST etc etc LINK
  4. Which one is it? Maybe post the wingspan or a picture. KB
  5. Okay went to the field with the new setup and again was completely unable to lauch the model all it wanted to do was instantly turn on it's back. I have a AtomRC Dolphin arriving today so the Dolphin is going back on the back burner and I'll try my KOPILOT on that instead. Shame KB
  6. Hello Ron, here is my recently completed "Reinforced Dammit!" The leading edge spar is one continuous 8mm carbon Rod and theres a 3mm carbon rod in the centre of the wing too. I made the fuselage as part of the wing to be stronger as my first one folded when I did a naughty powered loop. My model has a 2306 2700kv motor which is more than enough on 3S 850mAH batteries on a 6x4 prop. I launch it at 1/2 throttle and it pulls straight out of my hand. Sounds like yours may be a bit overpowered on 4S. The CG is just in front of the first wing spar about 45-50mm back from the LE. Unlike most plank wing / Tailess models it doesn't really need any reflex in the elevons. I did introduce a bit of downthrust behind my motor but it still climbs a fair bit under full power. Hope this helps...... KB (P.S. I notice you have installed your elevon control horns backwards. Without the pivot point over the hinge line this could seriously mess up your Elevon Servo geometry?)
  7. I love my Dammit-E Brilliant little model. I folded the wing on the first one, So I built one with loads of carbon!
  8. Right! I think I got it sorted. I was telling my Transmitter that I had an Elevon Setup.......Big mistake! Just set it up as If I had a servo on each Aileron and let the KOPILOT do the elevon mixing and now it works perfectly! All I've got to do is take it to the field and give it a go. Appaerntly you can use "Return To Home mode" as an auto-launch! (I have had no end of trouble trying to launch this model). Just give 60-80% throttle in RTH mode. The throttle wont be activated until you chuck the model. Then, using GPS, the model will climb to 35Meters and circle the launch position. I will report back on how it goes. KB (P.S. I just googled it and the mature trees round our strip can grow up to 40M that maybe a problem hahaha)
  9. I have fitted the Kopilot but I'm buggered if I can get it setup correctly with my DSMX Receiver and the Delta/Elevon type model. I seem to end up with servos waggling all over the place rather than ailerons & elevators. Anyone else managed to do this? KB
  10. My Lipos are stored in metal ammo boxes in the garage. They lay on the concrete floor away from other flamable materials. I remove a tiny bit of the rubber seal round the lid in case of a lipo fire, just to releive a bit of pressure to stop the ammo box going bang. Hopefully this won't allow enough air into the box to support combustion. I bring 1 box at a time into the house for charging porposes. where I keep a beady eye on the procedures. I feel this is a pretty safe bet. Good quality ammo boxes are cheap and easy to find. They are strong and made of decent metal. I think they are a great solution. If I get really paranoid I thought I could easily line the ammo boxes with plasterboard. I currently have 3 of the .50Cal variety. 1 For charged batteries going to the field. 1 for storage charge. 1 for discharged at the field but not yet storage charged. KB
  11. I have a setting on my charger buried in the sub menus, which will basically slowly discharge a lipo to 0V. I then take it along to the recycling box at my local big Tesco where it goes in to be collected with all the other battery types. Hopefully, down the chain somewhere, somebody recovers all that poisonous, nasty Lithium and sends it to Skegness, or France, or St Oseth, or somewhere?
  12. I too remember the summer of 1976. It was belting hot for weeks and we had real water shortages. I do wonder about the global warming and whether we are just emerging from the last Ice age. I think about all the billions and billions of tons of coal we have burned on the planet since the industrial revolution and I wonder why it's only now becoming an issue? I also wonder why I'm being taxed in so many varied and different ways so that oil companies can blame me for any climate effects. Did you know that BP one of the most profitable and poluting companies in the world paid about $100 million to an advertising company to shift the blame from them to us ordinary individuals. As part of this campaign they invented the phrase "Carbon Footprint" and started shifting the guilt. They spent $millions surpressing so-called green energy and they have more influence and spending power than most countries have. With the UK estimated to be 1% of the global contribution to greenhouse gases I think we need to stop the guilty feelings and as individuals watch out what all this is costing us. I'm not saying we should not do our best to help the planet but I do think we need to point the finger where the multi millionaires are, who have done the least good and the most harm; sometimes deliberately just fpr a quick buck. KB
  13. In my spares box, waiting for a home, I have the ZoHD Kopilot. Would this perhaps help me get the thing launched? The Alpha Strike does seem balanced on the CG points and I've set all the throws and Expo just as ZOHD recommends but I still fail hard, on every launch. I know if you start the kopilot in "Return To Home" Mode with the throttle up; it's set up for auto launch. Cheers KB
  14. I used to use the HobbyKing stuff; but now the postage is so expensive, the stuff from 4-max is the same quality, but not so crazy expensive. Approx £20-£25 for 5metres. You're welcome KB
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