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  1. My butcher is ready to butcher tomorrow..
  2. I can only ditto.. Very well said Brian and extremely well done Richard!!
  3. Jim https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/FATJAY-RC-hobby-accessories-24-grams_62347087328.html alternative racestar https://uk.banggood.com/Racerstar-RC-Brushless-Motor-BR2211-1300KV-or-1700KV-or-2300KV-or-3000KV-for-Fixed-Wing-Airplane-Drone-p-1646529.html?utm_source=googleshopping&utm_medium=cpc_organic&gmcCountry=GB&utm_content=minha&utm_campaign=aceng-pmax-gbg-en-pc&currency=GBP&cur_warehouse=CN&createTmp=1&ID=5192316309317
  4. 6 to8 s depending on the final motor decision
  5. A pair of HP 40 RC MODEL AIRCRAFT GLOW ENGINE - In need of a good TLC. I took them off from a Svenson Islander twin engine 84" model, which I converted to electric power. These require a good dismantling cleaning and TLC. Hence the low price..
  6. This is the motor I took out of the Giant Jabberwock (See thread). It comes with its exhaust, prop adapter, prop and bolts. Also on Ebay - Click to see
  7. Thanks to Tosh McCaber, I'm now the keeper of this beauty Giant Jabberwock. I managed to took the engine off as I will convert it to electric. The trick was that the prop bushing is threaded and crewed onto the engine shaft. I unscrewed it and it came out easily. I will sell the engine. which looks new and unused, to fund a large electric motor from 4Max - a 6366 or 5065 motor Here's are a few photos of the beast.
  8. Sorry Albert the weather here has not permitted yet.
  9. I know who produces it Ron if you need one?☺️
  10. Timo it looks like it has earned its colours? Nice plane..
  11. Hi James, No I have been away for over a month. The weather is just right now. I am planning to maiden it soon.
  12. Hi Bernd I look forward to posting of your build.
  13. Carlos, This is an excellent build! Please keep posting..
  14. I thought they were from the real plane.. Amazing.. Excellent work.
  15. Hi Eric, I can export some from Turkiye at a fair price🤔
  16. It has flown beautifully and earned its colours. FW190..
  17. Thank Richard it is really a wonderful flier.. Thank you all for your feedback.. I am really pleased / chaffed with FW190, my first warbird. I took off from my dolly in the maiden.. The dolly worked ok but needs some foam to keep the tail centred as our field is a bit bumpy, causing the tail to move sideways at take off. I had a wee incident at the end (Slowed down too much as I was going downwind- which I should not have). Even that showed how robust the bird is. I am glad you put the spare cowling in Richard. I will be flying it regularly once I get back from my holiday. With that enthusiasm I started the Tempest with the doubles and the formers glued in....
  18. Hi Richard I will be away from 14May till 10th June. Could you post mine to David Naylor together with his kit? Regards Murat
  19. That is really skillfull. Well done..
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