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Tommy Walsh says: "Go to Poundland"

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Posted by ken anderson. on 16/04/2020 13:48:24:

Wilco's sell canny cyno (20g) bottles for £1...…….

ken anderson...ne...1...£1 dept.

better stuff from screwfix 50g £1.99 or tool staion got a choice of thick or thin at £ 2.63 so better value to be had. and also everbuild mitre fast adhesive kit basicly super glue with a activator, excelent stuff at only £5.50 pound land is not always that goodlaugh

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On the subject of cheap glue supplies I purchased a couple of bottles of Gorilla Glue from Aldi yesterday whilst on essential shopping trip. One traditional wood glue and the other the brown stuff that requires parts to be dampened before assembling. Comes with plastic gloves so clearly some safety issues. I know it’s been around for some time but have never used it. I am Interested to know what uses in modelling it is best suited to so would appreciate feedback from those who have experience, both good and bad.

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Gorilla glue (the brown stuff) is amazing. Essentially the same as the expanding epoxy foam that you can squirt around door frames to fill large gaps. It's good for repairing foam models that have become crushed because it expands to fill gaps. BUT you need to be careful - it can expand a LOT. You can easily cut it when dry though. Overtime it becomes more yellow so may need painting.

Don't get it on your hands - it's a swine to remove. Gloves are good...

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The brown Gorilla glue (and the expanding foam sealants) is a polyurethane glue not epoxy. As Andy says if you get it on your hands it isn't easy to clean off, and it expands in use so joints need to be constrained in some way - clamps, strong tape etc.. I use it for fitting retract mounts in veneered foam wings, securing snake outers, the odd larger dink that needs filling and especially things like fairing in for example snake outers or strut ends where I let the glue expand and then sand to form a nice smooth fillet once dry.

It's ideal for repairs on EPO models as it fills in minor gaps, bearing in mind the bit about it expanding if the join isn't held securely!

it also seems to work well for securing wall plugs into crumbly brickwork!

Edited By Bob Cotsford on 17/04/2020 10:47:39

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