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Dom Smith F7F-3 Tigercat

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DSCF8530.thumb.JPG.1724dbfa096be63fec0e670b45f948b9.JPG I am making progress albeit slow . The main retract leg goes up and down with good clearance and ample oleo height for prop clearance from ground. I have also used blue foam for the rear of nacelle all sanded and blended to balsa more fine work will be needed. Gear door aperture is about done just need to fit doors. I have started one cowl the method I am using is first find a suitable jar then laser cut round formers to slip over jar separated by notched balsa spacers first ring is held in place on the lid with blue tack then the other 3 rings slipped into the notches and glued using aliphatic then 4 lengths of balsa and when dry I removed from jar. I inset another ring into the flightline cowl front then this will be glued onto the other section (I think )

















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must confess I have been sulking ,after lots of measurement and placing lipo on the plan it dawned on me after building the cowl there is no way I can put a lipo in the nacelle so I will revisit the fuselage for a way of fitting lipo in there I,m pretty sure it will be ok ah well at least the main retracts fit ok just the nose gear and lipo to sort out trouble is I was feeling somewhat dejected so embarked on a service of my 3d printer then decided to undertake a mammoth print and build (some parts at 20hrs plus) of a Humvee 600mm long I estimate around 300 hours of printing and now my workshop and bench is covered in parts looking like a destroyed Russian military vehicle ? as soon as I can get reorganised I will crack on with the cat 

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Well 1 nacelle is sort of done its been a real pain to get the main retract to sit right then carefully measured for gear doors it took numerous times to get them to sit right and hinge open so fitted gear back in only to find the the door over the wheel would not close so take doors off cut away part of the nacelle sides trim and refit doors its now as near as its going to get. No wonder there are so few builds for the cat having checked the only build log surviving on RCSB by Wingspar and reading the comments without exception they all have same problem. Lets hope nacelle 2 goes better . I've been struggling with this one for over a month obviously not non stop . Still plenty to do .I WILL NOT GIVE UP ! 





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Oh dear last time I posted on the Cat was nearly 12mhts ago, all sorts got in the way and it is so difficult to get back on track it has taken a good few weeks reacquainting myself with what I have done and even how I did it. Anyway some pics to bring it up to date ,


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9 hours ago, andrew exton said:


did the cat ever get finished & flown 



no sadly , I hit a bit of a roadblock mojo went but am still going to complete thanks for asking

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