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Dom Smith F7F-3 Tigercat

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Well the rudder construction had me scratching my head for a few days then lo the mist cleared there it was laid bare in front of me. As I have said there are some bits omitted on the plan it is assumed you don,t buy Don Smith plans unless you are well seasoned well at least I look like I am. some pics should be self-explanatory.
















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Posted by Martian on 23/11/2020 20:20:47:

Thanks, Ron doesn't it sound and fly beautifully those climbs were phenomenal.

Yep it sure does and the low fast passes are brilliant, I can never get enough of the various YouTube vids of the TC flying, I tend to put my headphones on and crank the volume up a bit. I just wish mine sounded as nice, although twin Laser 160v's aren't too bad!

Edited By Ron Gray on 23/11/2020 21:55:42

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Been ages since I updated this log like a lot of others in all walks of life my mojo disappeared although I have made some progress I just need to upload pics to date currently working on 1 wing half and nacelle it's not been easy several iterations of plan copies have allowed errors to creep in I also understand the formers and ribs were not hugely accurate definitely would be easier with the next Don Smith build now I know what to expect, pic update tomorrow. 

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As promised some pics of progress 

four pics show tailplane in place to get an accurate fit at a point during the fuselage halves I lined the tailplane housing with vertical balsa against the tailplane seat then marked it with marker pen and cut through skin in several places when the time came to fit the tailplane I simply completed the stitch line and removed the balsa skin gradually fine sanding to a good fit at the same time the elevator joiner was made complete with horn and fitted in place then a cut out was made to enable the carbon push rod with a ball and socket then closed up again adjustment will take place at the servo. A similar process was carried out to remove the fuselage cut out above the wing seat.

Next up will be wing progress










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