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K3731 Martians Fury 1

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Posted by Graham Donaldson on 29/06/2019 14:23:09:

Yes, a Brian Taylor Mossie. Its been under construction for over four years. Every time I get to a difficult bit I take a break. This time its the hinging of the u/c doors, but I will get thee sometime!

Yes I couldn't get the hinges right on the TH mossie still haven't at least not the way I want

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Hi all pictures of progress right up to date finished I dont think so they are never really finished . I still have the final bit of painting then livery and somehow I have to find room with it fully assembled so I can do the rigging yay what fun . anyway pictures










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Hi fellow modelers and flyers originally at the start of this build it was my intention to build k3731 but as one does I changed my mind and changed it to K5682 ( which has Cambridge Blue markings ) Cambridge Blue is so varied in hue I settled for the nearest I could well there was no way I could achieve true scale. I made my own transfers and logo. This plane K5682 was assigned to RAF Cranwell as a trainer aircraft and during it,s time there it was damaged beyond repair and scrapped it has not been easy tracking down info but I am doing my best. I have never done any rigging before but have nearly completed the tail end just need some more ali tubing. I destroyed a leather bum bag for the fine leather using it for the cockpit combing and cable patches. I have also deviated from the dummy 22swg wire for the elevator cables and have used plastic coated wire which has shearing elastic attaching the wire to the rear of the cockpit this is having the effect of keeping the wire under tension and also acts as a damper , the plan called for 22swg wire to slide into ali tubing buried in the tailplane. I have used the brass parts intended for the windscreen to make litho frames and made a 3 part glass shield from thick Perspex it looks ok I think that's about it next is the wing rigging goodness knows how long that will take. anyway some pics below








poor pic but it is the handholds out of leather since found out they used some form of cord which I will add






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So far the only part I have not covered in Aluminum is the cowl so I,m biting the bullet and making an attempt to do just that I mean what's the worst that can happen strip it off and start again. the hardest part is going to be the bumps on the top , tried cooking foil but that creases and is hard to planish out.made one from .06mm ali and that,s not to bad will try some even thinner ali see how that goes. I have made a couple of formers and hardened the surface , lets see how it goes will post pics of progress .. PRACTISE MAKES PERFECT

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I have shown several times how to do blisters in litho plate, much easier than you think. You need to cut a teardrop shape, slightly larger than you need. Aneal the litho and rub it into the form with the rounded end of a dowel.

They look great when done

These pics are from my Nijhuis Spitfire build, and are the wing blisters, not as deep dished as the Fury cowl, but you get the idea?



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This metalwork is not easy with arthritic hed doing it but it does take some effort and would loved to have done better but a while back when I changed over to the Cranwell Training aircraft I figured it would look better if it appeared to have a lot of use and somehow I think that is what I have anyway some pics up to date just the wing rigging to do
















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