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K3731 Martians Fury 1

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Not rude at all Tony ,the thing is I figured on the test pilot mode in attempt to make believe it's a restored aircraft when in reality there is only one flying example plus it is very difficult to get a 1/6th scale full pilot i will keep looking

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Well that,s a blow I was given the all clear for liver cancer by the consultant that did my prostate biopsy I got his results back during an appointment with a urology specialist nurse It turns out I have grade 1 prostate cancer whilst that,s not the end of the world it kinda feels I won the lottery and lost the ticket ah well ..

Anyway spread the word get tested for prostate cancer if you are over 50 it is usually a blood test for PSA which is prostate specific antigens if it is raised for your age further tests may be recommended, The sneaky thing about prostate cancer there are no symptoms until it's well advanced then your are in for a unpleasant end to your life. Even if you have to have a DRE (Digital Rectal Examination) it is no big deal and a whole lot better than dying .

Me its a at a very early stage and contained so if it develops further it can be dealt with.

So all my fellow modellers get checked out please,

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Sorry to hear that Martian, but as you have identified it early you will beat it. In past years I have had psa readings go up and then back down again, biopsies never find anything. My younger brother has ridiculously high readings and they can’t find anything there either. That’s what is so nerve wracking about this, the unreliability of diagnoses and the risk that by the time they find anything it has reached a tricky stage. It looks as if they know exactly where you are with it and that means that they know what to do. Stay focused on that amazing Fury build and you will soon put all of this behind you, I am sure.

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Very sorry to hear your news Martian, but prostate cancers can be treated with good results - I have 4 friends who have all undergone successful treatment.

Best wishes for the future and I am sure that all on the forum will be thinking or praying for you.


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So very sorry to hear that Martian. I had some tests last year and found to be all-clear fortunately. A visit to the GP is essential if one believes something has changed. There is a sign in my GP's surgery, relating to prostate cancer, it says; "Don't die of embarrassment" Early diagnosis is key and there is a lot of new technology with treatment now.

All the best Martian.

Edited By Piers Bowlan on 07/04/2019 11:21:16

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Hello all I know I have not been keeping this thread up to date but I have been plodding on after the initial health scare both upper and lower wings are complete upper wing cabane structure fitted and clad with balsa and strips of solartex and also all covered as of the last 30mins lower wing still to cover them fine tune lower wing seating. I must say I have never worked on large wings that are so delicate before so it has been slow going. I used carbon ribbon on the aileron shroud also on trailing edge of upper wing plus reinforced lower wing spars with the carbon ribbon to this is to give better strength while manhandling the wings during assembly .not looking forward to the rigging. couple of pics of the wings when last took pics of them will post some up to date pics in a few days



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Hi All I have been working away on the Fury but neglected to post progress so here are a lot of pictures to bring it up to date just lower wing to cover radiator in place and split at leading edge upper wing fully covered struts and wiring complete, bit of binding on one aileron so will ease that, lower wing plate/UC support fitted lower wing adjusted to fit,

Now just lots of fiddly bits to do plus the dreaded rigging .

Danny just for you close up of the carbon tape.














pic below is the upper centre wing balsa planked and key holed for the struts then covered, covering was then punctured to let fixing point through all set up then top covered. I should add I balanced the wing prior to covering it took 1/2 gram of lead must remember to balance lower wing to





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Looking good Martian. I wish I was making the same progress, but I keep getting diverted. The latest diversion over the past couple of weeks is the Rota Duo a recent free plan in RCME. Should be an interesting first flight.

Progress on the Fury to date is as follows. Still a long way to go.

I will be away for the whole of July, so no building. However as compensation, I hope to get to the LMA show at Cosford next weekend and perhaps the Woodsprings show as well. We are taking the caravan from Aberdeen down to Devon and back.


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