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K3736- MkI Fury-Jose L.G.

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Yesterday I went to fly so Little progress.

I`ve been pondering how to "atack" the top sheeting of the fuse.

Begin adding the side sheets in the nose área behind F1. Also begin preparing the F3-F4 combo that Will support the top wing.



When assembling this lot I put two thickness of card betwen the formers in the fuse and these to have some clearance later. Also at this moment I fixed the hardwoods in the fuse and in the part so when assembling the top wing it Will align correctly.


Pending of sanding the balsa excess and adding the cardstock.


Sanded the front and back and added the cardstock. Still need adjusting it.

To sheet the rest of the fuse I glued a pair of sheets of 1/8" each side. When the glue was dry I applied water to the exterior part of each sheet, leave to soak for a pair of minutes or so. I decided to use tape instead of pins because the sheet is medium-sof. Aplied the Wood glue and bend the sheets over the formers. I began at F7 and proceded to the front. In the F4 área I had to cut a slice of balsa to manages to adapt to the former.


The sheets glued to the fuse. In the left side (right in the pic) over the side longueron. In the right side (left in the pic) over the Edge of the sheeting.


Sheets taped over the formes with glue.


Side view of the sheeting. Note the slice I`d cut in the side over F4. Also in the other side.

Until next.

José L.

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Not much to show.

Finish sheeting the top of the fuse. Marked and cut the cockpit area and added the backplate of the pilot with the hole for the seatbelts. Prepared the tabs that goes in the tank/radio área and glued them. Also prepared a block of balsa for the Hatch.


Top sheeting completed.


Cabane piece placed on the fuse awaiting the struts and cockpit cut to shape.


Tabs for the Hatch. The front one is suported with a triangle underside.


Former that goes behind the pilot. It`s inclined as the door. This is similar to F7 but shorter in height.


As measured the tailwheel must be 45 mm in diameter (more or less). I have soldered a bit of brass tube for the bracket of the tailwheel and picked a bit of Mick Reeves foam. Next I`ll bend some aluminium tube and fill with carbon tows. The foam Will be shaped and a hub added.


José L.

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Todays work on the nose and tail area.


Yesterday I prepared a block of balsa gluing 3 sheets of 8 mm for a total of 24 mm thick. After adjusting the size of the block I inserted it in their location.

The other day when looking in RCSB I found a tip to protect areas from sanding aplying aluminium duck tape over the zone. So I put some over the sides and front bulkhead.


After a bit of carving with the razor plane an sanding block the piece was almost perfect. After this I used an aluminium bar with sandpaper glued to sand the front rails of the guns.


Front view of the gun rails.


I reinforced the sheets that goes on the tail and opened the right one. This Will have a sheet cover as the real one.


José Luis

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A bit of relax this weekend, As someone stated people are in a hurry. ME not. Only I can build 24 hours a day if needed. I`ve retired from work two years ago due a eyesight problems. After three important surgerys I`ve recovered an important level of visión. So as an aeromodeller that like planes and build them I work two or three hours a day on the plane. This Little dedication acelerates the progression of the model. But at this momento we have been working one month.

Scale Fidelity is important in scale competitions but this is a sport-scale model, so for me some desviations are allowed.My model do exist in color side profiles, one with tail skid the other with tailwheel

As of the tailwheel I have a pic of a formation of Furys in camo scheme with them

. With my eyesight problems I`m very happy with the progress so far.

Have a nice weekend.

José Luis

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hpim1566.jpgLittle progress.

After the comments of Danny I glued some reinforcement strips (Pine 3/8 x 1/8" to the hardwood rails. One slipped a bit so I have to redo it.

Worked on the tailwheel. First I prepared a block of Wood in which I drilled a hole with the same diameter That the center tube of the Wheel, Made a pair of ply discs with a center hole as the tube. Inserted the thebe in the block of Wood and glued one of the ply discs. When dry glued the lot in the foam blank. Later glued the other ply disc. Next mounted the blank in the pillar drill and sanded to shape.


This is thw Wheel and the proposed position and fork.

Also prepared the fork. bent some hard aluminium tube and glued to the "Y" prepared the other day. To mantain their paralelism draw a pair of lines and using pins fixed in place during curing the glue (Nural 31, similar to JB Weld).

Also prepared and glued the steps that goes in the left side of the fuse. Probably overdue.


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Decision time, ….

Today decided on changing the ofending F6 former. On checking the panel lines decided to cut the existing sheet on the front line of the door. Cut with a mini saw and torn apart all the sheet.


After that I cleaned the sides and former and broke the F6 that was glued.

Printed the template for the new F6 and using the ply in the kit cut a new one. When ofered to my fuse it didn´t match ¡. On checking the drawing it wasn`t printed at real size. It was smaller. So check before cut.

I did`t manage to print it at 100% so draw one taking measurements from the fuse and plan. Also I`d run out of light ply so used my own stock of 5-ply. Gluen on the fuse and added the top longeron.


Prepared some carbon tube and rod for the tailwheel an glued to the fork.

Until next.

José Luis

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Today finished re-sheeting of the cockpit área. I used the same technich as previously. i.e glued the sheet in the bottom line and to the remaining sheet, After drying bent over the formers and fixed in place.



While the glue was drying I worked on the tailwheel. Prepared the ply support and glued a brass tube that Will be the bearing for the Wheel. Later tied with kevlar thread and fixed with glue.


Prepared some sheet and finished the top sheeting.



José Luis

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Worked a bit on the tailwheel. Stitched the tube with kevlar thread and CA. Centred the ply/tube part on F11, glued with epoxi and added some triangle stock.


Wille the glue dried sanded the sheet over F5 and cut the cockpit opening.


Today made the hole for the tailwheel arm in the bottom sheet. and mounted for checking the operation and position.


For the bearing of the carbon tube and brass tube used a pair of the rings that are used in the props as centering/adjusting the hole.

Now working in the instrument panel. Thanks Tony.

José Luis

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Very Little progress. Have to repair a pair of models.

After checking the plan, tapered the side stringers of the fuse from F9 to F11 and glued the side panels of the tail.


After the glue have dried I prepared a pair of balsa infills for the elevator cables. Tomorrow I`ll drill a pair of holes for the tubes.


Tha balsa pieces are recessed a bit so not Will show in the covering.

Also began working in the instrument panel (Thanks Tony).


The last work for today is fix the captive nuts for the motor. This are 4 mm. The center part of the nut is longer than the thickmess of the firewall so I used various washers of 6 mm to manage the seating of the nuts.


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Hi to all.

Made some work on the instrument panel. To continue with the cockpit I applied two coats of sanding sealer to the wood inside the cockpit. Later I`ll put some aluminium paint before gluing the instrument panel.


Not fully scale- Pending to add some switches....

So to continue I need the center panel of the lower wing to work on the landing gear.

Prepared the C1 and C2 parts gluing the small parts to the lower one. Drilled the holes for the fixing screws. To glue all the ply parts I used epoxi resin of 30 minutes setting.


I leaved for 24 hours before adding the top C1, also with epoxi. I glued the front and rear ply braces raising 1/8" both.Later I`ll cut the parts that goes in the outer panels. Still awaiting the carbon rods and brass tubes.


Next I begin working in the left (Port) wing. Previously I separated all the ribs for the lower wings from their parent sheets. Made two sets of ribs. Weighted each set and one weighted 4 grams more than the other, so I mixed the ribs to reduce the diference to 0,4 grams. I always do this to avoid lateral imbalance.

As other people has done I shimmed the spars with 1/8" and 1/4" at the trailing edge.



I reinforced the trailing edge with carbon tape. Its pre-cured so you only have to cut the size you nedd and glue it. Probably I`ll also add the carbon to the spars.

One note. When I was preparing all the parts for the wings I weighted all the spars (1/8" x 1/4" and had a lot of difference betwen them. I tried to pick the sheet of 1/8" more hard I have and cut a few spars and weighted them. Very dissapointing. So I stripped a full sheet of 1/8" and paired all the spars. The front are the ones bought and the back of the stripped ones.

Until next.

José Luis.

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Posted by Danny Fenton on 20/11/2018 21:41:04:

Lovely work José Luis, I too started looking at the lower port wing. I am thinking spruce for the main spar, and hard balsa for the rear spar, I stripped some hard 1/4 for mine. I try and keep the materials simple.

Where do you get the carbon tape, and how much is it?



Thanks a lot Danny.

The carbón strips I used was from Dave Brown Products from the USA. No longer available.

I`ve searched and had,t found anything similar- In Alibaba found a company that sells strips of 0.2x50 mm. Other possible seller can be Hiperflight.co.uk.

José Luis.

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Today built the wingtip, Added the top longerons an false leading Edge.


Put some weights over the wing to mantain it flat.


Wingtip. When I began adjusting the parts noted that I had leaved short the botton spars. Added the mising part and glued on top the wedged parts. Thinned the spars in the wingtip and glued with alifatic resin all the ribs/spar.

José Luis

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Today added the bottom strip in the trailing Edge and wingtip. Also glued the ply reinforcements to the spars in the wing.


Next the right wing panel. As you had developed some familiarity with the wing this panel goes easily and quickly.



Next Will be joinimg the panel to the center section. Expectec recibe the carbón rods tomorrow.


José Luis

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Today finished adding the bottom longeron and wingtips doublers on the right wing.

As I`d glued the ply doubler on the panel I can glue the front part of the second rib. When I was working on the ribs I spotted that the center ribs are the wrong type as they are as the ply on the center. I applied a bit of glue around the laser cuts before cutting as intended.


Continue work on the center part. How can I put the spars in the front and rear?. Use a pair of ribs, slot the spars and fix with litte CA to avoid gluing the ribs.


Once glued the spars I cut the brass and carbon rods, filled with balsa the slots betwen the spars leaving the space for the brass tubes.



I`d put some masking tape on the end of each tube to avoid glue ingress.

Next glue the tubes filling with epoxi and microballons and close with the ply braces.


Tomorrow I`ll cut the ply and joint the thre panels of the lower wing.

José Luis

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During the weekend had some forward and rearward progress.....

Prepared the left panel for joining to the center. Prepared a piece of balsa with the height at the tip. Put the carbon rods in the center and filled with balsa the inner free space. Once ready prepared a batch of 30 min epoxi and added some silica. Filled the space and joined the tip panel to the center and put the ply braces over the lot.



A few hours later tried to separate the tip panel from the center, But the rear rod got glued. When I was trying to force the joint I hit the lamp with the wing. PANIC ¡. Broke the trailing edge and the tip. ARGG ¡.

Next day I calmed down and re-CA all the parts and made a few missing.

Today made the joint of the right panel. This time I applied some vaseline to the carbon rods and no sticking problems.



Tomorrow will finish the panels and begin on the landing gear.


José Luis

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Will continue with the monologue....

Managed to work a bit on the center panel. Sheeted the bottom except the ply hold dowm part. As Martin did I´ve added hardwood blocks in the front spar location to attach the flying wires. As I had not 20 swg brass sheet I`ve used some Steel plate. Once fixed in place I finish sheeting the top.



Fixed some 1/16" sheet to bridge the step over the spars.


Sheeting finished.


José Luis

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Lovely work, and the blocks also give the centre section some rigidty.

I will probably do something similar, though I was toying with adding the flying wire anchor points to the fus, not the wing CS..... I will ponder that.

One slight word of warning using microbaloons to make a slurry, it weakens the epoxy. It is fo9r making a filler. Really you should use Coloidal silica I am sure you will be fine, but just for future reference




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