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K3736- MkI Fury-Jose L.G.

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I have been looking at the plan the last months and think I have It fully sorted but today looking at the top/bottom view i have discovered the horizontal parts that run alongside the fuse.

If !

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Today. I enlarged the top holes in F11. As the fuse tapers to the tail you must slot the stab support into F11 and later insert the lot betwen the longuerons that protrudes at the end of the sides.

Next I made all the cross parts that go betwen the sides, marked the center on the parts and aligned the fuse over the plan. F11 is hanging in the air. Pinned and weighted the fuse and glued the cross parts. This afternoon I'll glue the diagonal ones.


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Well. Work continues.

Finished adding the diagonals to both sides, er…, top and bottom, but no in the end of F10-F11.

Today lifted the fuse from the table, fixed F11 to the longerons. Glued the stab support giving their angle. Glued the bottom part and added the 6 mm (1/4 " that Will support the bottom hinge of the rudder.

Also added F1 and the motor support. Tomorrow I`ll add some triangle stock in the motor mount, F3 and F4.

Looking at the plan at F7 I have added a 3/16" cross over balsa behind the longeron at the base (You see this on the bottom view of the fuse). This piece Will support the underside longuerons.

Some pics.



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Hi Danny.

Yes , installing the last diagonals was a lot of fun, …….

Today I changed the workshop from the garaje to the main room……..

Begin preparing the 1/8" cross-grain that runs alonside the top of the fuse. Trued one Edge and used as a spacer for gluing all the vertical semiformers outside of the box. Finished at F4. Glued F5 and F6. Once dry glued the cross-grain parts.

Also glued F7 and F8 and all the side subformers on the sides.

Also glued the cross-grain sheet on the lower part of the fuse. Tomorrow I`ll prepare the botom side stringers in 3/16" sheet and add the remaining top formers.


For working on both sides I supported the fuse in

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Today, Prepared the croos grain for the wing saddle, aligned and glued. Also prepared from the scrach balsa the 3/16" longerons that go alongside of the main box from F7 to F10.

Using a sharpened brass tube drilled the base of the tail for the tailwheel.

I discovered that I have put too hight the side formers at F10, so cut and reglue them.

Marked the contour on the cross grained 1/8" using pins and a balsa stick as a ruler. Glued the top side sticks in F7 and F11. Once glued I put in their location F9 and F10. Once fixed I added all the top stringers.

Sanded all the croos grain sheets and side strips.


Drilling the hole for the tailwheel.


Top stringers and botton longeron and wing saddle sheet.


All the side sheets sanded Note the wrong F6 former. I`ll add a slice of balsa prior to sheeting.


saddle sheet and bottom longeron- I have reglued a few tonges of the side formers broken during the sanding process.

I`ll add the side longerons and sheet the fuse. The bottom Will be without longerons until the radio installation is finished.

Any one knows the side of the tailwheel of the restored Fury?




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Hi .

Not too much to report on the model. Weekend dedicated to other things.

As I had not fitted the top formers in the nose área. When I shaped the side of the croos grain 1/8" sheet i didn`t appreciate the diference betwen the top formers and the side formers. Today I glued the top formers and reshaped the side formers adding a slice of 1/82 sheet.


While I was waiting for the glue I prepared the formers that Will be part of the wing with the cabane struts and the hardwood bearers. I tack glued both with White glue and drilled in the pillar drill.



Also planning on cockpit detail…….Where are my instruments?


Not the correct uniform, but correct scale.


José Luis


Edited By Jose L. G. on 22/10/2018 16:40:25

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Today adjusted the side formers and top/bottom cross-grain sheets. Put all the stringers in the fuse.


Left side stringers. The bottom is recessed for the side sheeting. Some of the stringers need to be thinned at the end as indicated in the plan.


Right side stringers. Nothing strange to report.


Top side view. Added the 1/4 part with the slot for the tab of the fin. This is angled 3 degrees to the left as the original. The slot Will be enlarged when final asemmbly. Also added a central stringer. Not sure if the original has one. In some pics appears in others not so clear. (????).

Note the side stringers that protrude in the F11 former. The excess Will be tapered..

Working now on the tilwheel assembly and side panels of the tail support.


Jose Luis

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Excellent progression indeed, José.

I have a question though.

At the starboard (right) side, my understanding is that the skin sheet extends to FS5 (the tilted former between F7 and F8) and from there the tex or tissue covering starts down to the fuse tail. Your picture is showing the stringers starting at F7 instead of FS5 ...

Or am I wrong again??? blush



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Hi Chris...…

You ARE CORRECT. The sheeting goes to FS5. My mistake. Thanks for spotting it.

When I was putting the side stringers at F7 this former has the cut.outs as in the left side, so I put the stringers from that point, I must have checked the drawings.

But this error is good because it balance both sides ( I think). I`ll recess those stringers and sheet over them.

Thanks a lot

José Luis

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Posted by Jose L. G. on 24/10/2018 08:54:44:

But this error is good because it balance both sides ( I think). I`ll recess those stringers and sheet over them.

... well, I think it could be the opposite, José Luis. But then we live in different countries... wink

As the sheeting is stopping more forward at the left side and the starboard side sheeting ending further backwards, this latter will already be heavier.

If you leave the unused stringers under the sheeting, you are only making it worse regarding the 'out of balance'... indecision

Am I right or should I grab my coat and see a doctor... ? angel

Cheers, young man.


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After revisiting the right stringers reducing their height I prepared the side sheeting gluing two sheets and putting over the fuse to  mark the cut lines and so on.

Also beging working in the tail side sheets .


Side sheets, pinned in site and marked the outlines, later marked the recess for the struts.


Right side sheeting pinned and taped. Its oversize in the bottom edge.


Left sheet in situ.


I added the back part as a separate one.



Edited By Jose L. G. on 24/10/2018 17:35:33

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