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K3736- MkI Fury-Jose L.G.

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  • 3 months later...

Hi there Friends.

Yesterday I re-read the plans and the scale documentation I have on the subject.

Noting a few subtle diferences betwen the MK I and the Spanish Fury that I have not seen ( the cowl is longer, deeper in the nose, different panel lines, exhaust position, lowres, ….

So I also begin the construction with the tail. I`m using Wood glue so until tomorrow it Will stay pinned in the board.


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Great stuff José, glad to see others are diving in

It is easier to cut the cores before you add the doublers but not matter, the end result is the same.

We could use Robart pin hinges but they wont be quite as straightforward. With hine sight perhaps some glass hinges would have been nice to do. I had thought this two years ago, but then when I drew up the glass parts it must have slipped my mind embarrassed



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This morning I have cut the hole for the rigging wire on the fin. Marked the position of the ribs an repeated the process of gluing ribs in the other side. Drying until next day.

I didn`t make the cut-outs for the hinges because I have decided on using robart hinges (Not originals these are from Great Planes), whwn profiled I`ll glue the reinforcing blocks before drilling their position.


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I´ve been working of the fuse the past days. Now I have both sides made: Once dry the first I leave enought pins for placing the second over it. Put some wax paper over the cross over of the sticks and fixed with pins the front part of the fuse and built the second stick part.

Before beginning the building I weighted the sticks of balsa, betwen 2.6 to 4.9 grams, Selected those abot 3.2 grams, (this weight is because there were a few around this weight).

Tomorrow I´ll go to fly, so probably Little building in the class…..


First side drying.


Second side (Left) built over the right side.


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Thanks guys.

Some progress…...Prepared the ply parts for the fuse. Trial fited both formers and ply sides. Marked the sub-formers positions on both sides noting the diference betwen the left and right. Once satisfied glued the formers and ply reinforcements on the right side. I usually mark the sides and put back to back to avoid doublé side síndrome.

Taking note of the advise of Danny I had made anew F1, 50 grams less tan the ply one.

Some pics….


This is the former F3 included in the kit. This is OK for the Mk1 model but Will be changed for the Spanish Fury. That big hole in the middle must go because I´m going to fix the landing gear to this as a cantiléver one.

Next pic. Checking the parts over the side panels.The position of the side formers has been marked inside and out.


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