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MF's Hawker Fury Mk1

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Decided to not leave the front in a bit better shape before moving on to the wings so lined the cowl upper and lower parts to get a better fit.

cowl lined.jpg

upper cowl finished.jpg

And all together - fairly pleased with the fit. I do now have an unscale panel line but will try to minimise the appearance with a little detailing. also shaped the front hatch close to the final fit.

front end.jpg


A question to Danny and all - what would be the best method to correct the misfit between the fwd fuselage panels - filler or a little additional sheeting ???? crook

fuselage misfit.jpg

Edited By Martin Fane on 27/11/2018 15:25:31

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Moved onto the wings.

Following all other builders advice the lower outer panels go together quite easily.


Bit more problematic trying to assemble the centre section. I want to have detachable outer panels so started to put the centre section together whilst I still have the outer panel in build.

Cant quite figure out how to layout the ribs - help please angel

Am I correct in thinking the front of the ply ribs should be packed out 1/8 at the front spar to bring them flush with the bottom of B5 ? This leaves them around an 1/8 inch proud of the top of B5 ?

As for the ply ribs at the trailing edge - they should be fitted so the 1/8 ply cross piece C2 is flush with the top of B6 ?

centre wing.jpg

centre wing close.jpg

Appreciate any help / guidance on this.



Edited By Martin Fane on 05/12/2018 16:24:54

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Hi Martin, this area is indeed good fun! I ended up packing the spars with 1/8th and not relying on the ribs at all.

I packed the spars with 1/8 as per the wings, and 1/4" under the trailing edge. The nose ribs I arranged so that they followed the contour established with the central sections.

I added the bracing without allignment, simply positioned over the spars as central as possible. I found the angle on the bracing was pretty close, but not completely accurate, so some overhang was inevitable.

I must confess my method didn't feel very refined a bit more "wing it" Don't forget you need to have an extra set of ply parts to end the wing panels.

With hindsight I would use 1/8 balsa versions for the inner two ply ribs. that frees up a pair of ply ribs for the end of the panels The centre section is well over engineered.

Probably confused you more than helped, sorry embarrassed

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Martin, I have just played with the carbon rod you are using, and on first glance it looks perfect, However I can see a snag. When you lay the square section between the rear spars it fills the gap completely. so you will not be able to angle the wing at the join between the centre section and wing panel

What you could do is run the square tube straight on, and then pack each side within the Centre section. Only thinking out load.

front spar joint with 6.35mm joiner.jpg

rear spar joint with 6.35mm joiner.jpg

Just inserting the rod in the tube has caused my square carbon to crack, not fit for purpose I am afraid, well at least not without some re-inforcing.

You may be as well back with Martyns piano wire and brass tube, although it is heavy



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Hi Danny

Thanks for the info and testing. I had tried a initial test of the rod and square and found it pretty tight at first glance. Obviously as you say there is some fault with the dimensions.

I may feedback to Bucks Composites for comment.

I may go back to your idea of just using carbon tubes.

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Wing centre panel partially constructed on the plan using the right panel as a guide. Used 1/8 balsa on the 2 inner ribs as Danny suggested.

Decided to go with teachers method for wing panel joining, 6mm tube outer in the spar.

wing panel joined.jpg

The the spare was cut through to seperate the centre and outboard panels. A test with 4mm inner tube shows alignment spot on - very pleased with that yes

Will use the spare ply ribs for the outer panel root ribs.

wing aligned.jpg

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Hi Furites

Been a while but slowly chipping away at things on the Fury.

Lower wings finished using same techniques as other builders, my outer panels join to the centre section using carbon tubes at both spars. Test fitted, nice alignment with wing cutout.

I cheated with this, the fuselage sides come down to the cross grain bits that i fitted first, I guess it wont matter too much once covered.

wing seat.jpg

Here you can see I messed up the fuselage side to stringer join - set the side peice too high, may cut it to size along the blue line.

stringer line.jpg

More work on the forward hatch and gun troughs

gun troughs.jpg

Blue filler to form the lower forward fuselage shape. This area is a bit confussing - do the the lower fuselage sheets fit inside the frames ? I guess so, this gives the opportunity for a lower access panel to the battery compartment.

blue filler.jpg

Upper wings started, these will be in three peices, joiners like the lower wing. Comimng together quicker after the lower wing experience. Decided to use some spruce for the forward spar caps - maybe over engineered.

upper wings.jpg

Also started to think about the wheels / tyres. From what I can find out the wheel and tyre sizes on the plan are actually quite accurate (I stand to be corrected) Not sure if any of the group photographers have any pictures to confirm ??

The wheel scale thickess just looks to thick so I'm thinking of going slightly narrower, the tyre "overhangs" the wheel a little too.

Got these ply discs laser cut by SLEC, really nice clean work yes Black foam from Mick Reeves although maybe neoprene cord would be better - struggling to find 22mm stuff though crying

whell bits.jpg

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It looks excellent Martin. I’m pretty sure the 4 5/8”/115mm wheel diameter is right, also for the Spanish version. The Dubro vintage wheels are very close to scale I think, except for the lightly moulded spoke simulation which is easy to get rid of. I’ve got the idea for making a pair of sprung wheels as an experiment as well, but the tyres bother me. The Dubro tyres are excellent and very resilient, but I’m reluctant to scrap a pair of those wheels for an experiment. I’ve used foam tyres on light models but they don’t wear well and aren’t very good as springs/shock absorbers.

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Hi Furites

Slowly progressing upper wings, now all framed up and starting to add capping strips, shrouds etc.

Very much copying Danny and other builders.

upper wings.jpg

Used the same carbon sections as Danny for the centre joiners, had the same sizing issues but the rod sands nicely when spun in an electric drill

upper wing joiner.jpg

My right angle dremmel attachment took care of the centre section spar location holes for the cabane securing clips

upper wing centre section.jpg

Need a bit of help with the upper wing outboard trailing edge S1 and S2 parts. There must need to be some shaping here or have I completely mis understood how these parts should go together ??

I can see that there still needs to be the 1/16 sheet shroud to go on to the trailing edge peice but there still looks to be a bit of "extra material" on S1 and S2 ???

If anybody can offer some advise I'd be very grateful

wing s1 and s2 problem.jpg

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Hi Furites

Quick update, a bit more progress, ailerons finally just about constructed and hinged. I'm following Danny with RDS so this all looks familiar looks familiar. Still need to cut a channelon the wing tip trailing edges for the outboard hinge rod.

Nice fit of the ailerons with the frise aileron effect noticeable with up aileron. RDS pockets also started. i'm seeing almost an inch of up / down aileron deflection possible so plenty me thinks ????

wings ailerons.jpg

alieron pockets.jpg

Some reinforcing with carbon sheet

cabane bolts support.jpg

Elevators joined - G10 horn and square section carbon rod

fury elevator joiner.jpg

Still pondering rudder and elevator servo location but plate made and tried behind F4.

Aligning the plate with the fueslage structure join seems like it will provide good alignment for the elevator control rod and rudder pull pull cables to the rear end ?? The plate is a lamination of 1/16 ply & 1/16 balsa the 1/64 ply underneath then some small 1/16 ply plates for the servo screws..

elev and rudder servo plate.jpg

Also done a little "rigging" - horizontal stabiliser located and secured with dry fit skewers, this will eventually be glued to the support plate. Just wondering if we need to have the vertical stabiliser off set to the left with our electric power train ?? Any advice gladly received.

fury tail.jpg

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Hi All

I'm looking to use Danny's RDS solution for the aileron control.

I have a pair of HiTech HS125MG thin wing servos for this.

They only come with single arm horns and the servo output spline is not the same as for example the HS225MG so I cannot use a 2 or 4 arm or disc horn from these on the HS125.

I cannot seem to find anyone who supplies after market horns with this spline size.

Anybody come across this or have a solution ? Any help appreciated.



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