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MF's Hawker Fury Mk1

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Hi All

At last managed to properly bend the cabane struts. Yes you can see my many failed attempts !

These turned out to be not quite the shape on the plan, I suspect my wing spar clips were possibly fitted slightly out. Done now so well pleased. feel i can move on.......


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Progressed the cabane hatch and struts.

A little filler was required on one side of the sheeting to get a good match at the F4 / F3 areas. I then glassed the sheeting as I intended to use foil covering.

Used solatex to wrap the strut, stuck using dope, hope this stays put. Its not as easy / flexible to use as I suspect silk would be and does not like to conform to the more complicated ends of the struts - may have to use some silk to finish off this area.

The brass anchor points have also been installed.

cabane installed.jpg


Decided the surface was not flat enough for foil covering so tried a little lithoplate work, play stopped for the day as HWMBO has returned and is not keen on me using the gas hob to aneal the lithoplate sad


All very similar to Dannys, but then I am still an apprentice. frown

Edited By Martin Fane on 26/06/2019 20:19:39

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Hi Martin, a quick wipe with acetone to clean the blue finish. If you try to use CA without removing this the CA wont go off.

I use thin CA and kicker, works really well.

If the panels are flat and simple, then a contact adhesive will work. But I like CA

Not sure i have smelt anything when its heated, just the soap blackening.



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Hi Fellow Furites

A quick update, progressing slowly.........

cabane litho.jpg

Cabane lithoplate finished, cyno used. Tried a little weathering after a small glue spillage, looks OK I think. Now how to proceed as those curved surface look hard work for lithoplate indecision

Just could not get RDS aileron drive to work. I can only think there was a problem with the geometry. I do want to use this in future builds so will plan ahead better for the correct installation. Reverted to plan B so will have to suffer visible drive rods etc..

aileron servo.jpg

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Hi All

Still chipping away at the Fury.

Cowl prepared, took a fair bit of filling, sanding, filling, sanding ete etc. Now ready for covering which i think will be foil. The curves worry me a bit, maybe paint is a better option ??

cowl painted.jpg

Tried a bit of foil covering on the gun trough hatch, this was glassed first to give a nice flat / hard surface.

Not sure i like the "shinny" effect sadI used metal coat but it marks so easily. i have some Flite Metal on order so maybe this will be better ????

gun troughs covered.jpg

And preparing a lower hatch, this will be blue foam lined with balsa, removable to give me more access for flightpacks etc.

lower hatch.jpg

Edited By Martin Fane on 11/08/2019 15:18:03

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A little more progress on the fury whilst waiting for the rain to stop crying

Moving on from Aluminium foil for the time being, made a start on the radiator, blocked up and ready for a fair bit of shaping and sanding




All still removable to allow installation the landing gear

Edited By Martin Fane on 14/08/2019 21:21:55

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Hi All

We need you back on the build Danny - lots of tricky bits for you to sort out for us smiley

Shaped, glassed and primed the radiator parts and test fitted.

Also shaped some blue foam "wing body" fairings on the wing underside.



Here's my attempt at the actual radiator grill. The mesh is fixed to a peice of lithoplate, the whole thing airbrushed black then rubbed off to try to get the radiator effect, hopefully will look OK with the cooling shutters fitted to obscure it a bit

mesh in place.jpg

If anybody is looking fro some mesh - here's what I used


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Still plodding along with the Fury. Not decided on my subject yet so decided to glass the fuselage to allow for either aluminium foil or painted finish, I don't think I'll do anymore lithoplate.

Here's the fueslage looking rather sorry for itself, glassed and priming / sanding started. I've left a quater inch of bare balsa around the edges for the tissue application to the aft fuselage areas.

primed sanded.jpg

After sanding, filling and priming I think I'm now ready for detailing / finishing crying



glassed close.jpg

Those little wing body fairing were tricky, not totally acurate but near enough I think. These were built up with balsa and resin / filleting powder then a little elbow grease.

And the underside fillet area, I shaped the balsa edges here behind the wing to get a reasonable transition from the aluminium panelled forward fusealage to the open rear structure. probably not true to full size but it stops that "jump" between the area's.

wingbody fillet.jpg

Getting there slowlysmiley

Edited By Martin Fane on 08/10/2019 21:52:43

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