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MF's Hawker Fury Mk1

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  • 2 months later...

Bit of a slow start but having seen the Master start I thought I would try to make some progress.

Fin and Rudder framed up, left the trailing edges with a bit of thinning to complete, nice to be back in the workshop angel

fury fin rudder.jpg

Will see if using some piano wire for the hinge pin will allow remova. / refit of the rudder "in service"

Shame about the weight, getting on for twice Dannys sadMust try harder with wood selection.


I also had a delivery of goodies from Mick Reeves - rigging wires and fittings. also some nice thin "leather" for cockpit trim and some foam for wheel tyre making - thight I would have a go at the method shown in Gwyns fury build.

tyre foam.jpg

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Glad to be keeping you entertained wink

Ref wheels, planning to make up from ply discs / spacers and the foam will be shaped in the pillar drill.

Will need wheel covers, I hope to shape in blue foam and either cover in glass cloth or vac form.

Any help with vac forming would be welcome.

Of course this will all be tried out in privacy and quietly forgotten if it ends in miserable failure !

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Hi All

Let the sanding begin !!

Stabiliser sanded to profile, I've left the very edges to be rounded off just before covering.

I found it useful to leave a full length of 1/4 by 1/4 strip across the leading edge to get the profile equal

stab leading edge.jpg

stab tip.jpg

Also started the elevators which are a little more complicated I think

The leading edges still need to be thinned / shaped

elev tip.jpg

The plan seems to show the elevators are left thick at the root ends but photo's of the full size suggest the these area's should be tapered to the same thickness are the other trailing edges ??

I assume the plan has this to allow the elevator joiner ??

elev plan.jpg

I dont have a good photo of a full size elevator to show exactly but I think it should be shaped something like this:

elev leading edge root.jpg

Anybody thought about this area yet sarcastic 2

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Hi Martin looking good great tip about extending the leading edge. Wish i had thought of that! 1 house point to Martin
The leading edge of the elevator balance horn is shaped like the hurricane. I can see you havent tackled it yet
The area by the elevator root looks too fat on the plan, but the whole area is something of a compromise
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Hi Danny

I'm thinking carbon tube as you suggested. Perhaps should have prepared the elevators with a slot before shaping sad

For anyone interested, Gwyns Hart build on RCSCALEBUILDER is a brilliant resource for us, the first couple of pages show his method for the tail parts.



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Hi Furites

Fuselage buil in progress, not much to add to previous threads. It does help if you install the 2 tail area wedge peices the correct way and don't fit the upper in the lower location and vice versa as I did - luckily noticed the error before the adhesive had gone off - thank goodness I was using aliphatic crying

fuselage in build.jpg

Amazing how rigid the structure becomes with the cross bracing fitted.


Held off installing F6 as there seems to be an error in its shape ?

f6 error.jpg

And it looks like some fetting required for F1 is required to fit the fibre glass cowl sad

cowl mismatch.jpg

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Hi Martin, well done on your progress.

My F6 fitted over the drawing perfectly, however there is an error in this area on the plan. The width of F6 shows the fus width to be 103.4mm but the plan view shows it as 93mm, then F4 90mm so it is all over the show.

I packed out the fus sides to compensate for the difference. I think free hand sculpting of the bulkheads is going to be the order of the day. Not easy if the are thick ply!!!

The forward bulkhead F1 is a bit odd as Dennis allows the ply to be visible on the surface, rather than fully sheeted. The same is so for some of the bulkheads. But I agree we may have to remove some wood to fit.

Keep the faith we will get there



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