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MF's Hawker Fury Mk1

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Moved on to the fuselage side formers. seem to have the same issues as other builders

fwd side formers.jpg

Seems a mismatch between F3, FS2, F4 and FS3 (LHS) and FS4 (RHS)

Best solution seems to be to reshape FS2 ? and build up FS3 and FS4 ?

F7 and back seem OK

fwd upper formers.jpg

I wonder if getting the upper forward fuselage shaped / sheeted might help get the side shape correct, certainly from F2 to F1, should be started something like this ?

front fuselage formers.jpg

I think we are all going to have slightly different shaped fuselages sad

Decided to leave to one side for now and move onto something easier..........

But came across an anomaly with the shape of F2 upper and F3

f2 f3 interface.jpg

My take on the plan is that F2 and F3top should have the same profile and have the 1/8 sheeting around them ?

Strange as the gun troughs line up. Am I missing something ????

F4 top and F5 seem OK

f4 f5 interface.jpg

Oh by the way, yes I installed the forward crossgrain peices incorrectly - not cross grained but grain running longways - not sure of the consequences ???

Ah, the joys of building from a plan crying

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Bit more studying of the plan.

I think I can see now why the mismatch with F2 and F3 upper - from F3 upper backwards is all skinned over with 1/8 sheet. But forward of F2 is not skinned, it uses block balsa which is shaped to the top outline of F2 and F1. smiley

FS3 and FS4 seem too small because the stringers protrude from them by about 1/8 inch so accounting for the apparent mismatch at the cross grain sheet area. It makes more sense when you look at the stringers and the sheet in the area of F7 to F8.

I think I need to start fitting the rear area stringers to in order to get the correct shape going towards the front of the fuselage sides.

So just the mismatch at FS2 to resolve crook

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Fitted some of the rear fuselage stringers. the photo makes these look a bit wonky, they're not - honest wink

With these installed it starts to become clearer how the formers and sheeting will take shape around the cockpit area. You can also see a test install of a peice of sheet at F7 - F8.


and the start of the forward fuselage upper sheeting support structure

front formers start.jpg

Edited By Martin Fane on 24/10/2018 17:03:23

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Hi Martin,

Many thanks for your reply re tail plane hinges, now bought and ready for installation. On another point, I thought that I saw on one of the threads, that you had decided to add webbing to the spars in the main wings, but cannot seem to find your comment now. Am I correct and if so, what was your reasoning?



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Hi Martin sorry I missed these posts. Yes you have figured out how at some points the former sits on the surface then in other places it is sheeted over.

I am struggling again with that blessed F6, It really does seem to be too big, if you lay a thin strip of balsa along the formers F6 bulges dramatically!

Still investigating though



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Hi All

Playing catch up this weekend.

Rear stringers and the bottom longeron added. I've fitted the stringers flush at F11 (is this correct) and proud by an 8th at the forward frames to match the 1/8th skin. Left a couple uninstalled at this point to allow a bit of access for controls.

rear stringers.jpg

Cabane area prepared for skinning, took teachers advise and added some extra skin support

fairing frame.jpg

And skinned

fwd fairing.jpg

Fitted the new F6 and reshaped FS1, 2 and 3. A first side fueslage plank installed to check alignment. All looks good - thanks Danny yes

fwd fuse side.jpg

Trying to decide between tail skid or wheel. I dont actually have a full size subject to base this on but I think a Mk1 could have either ? question

Planking this evening...............

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Well done Martin, your centre section looks much straighter than mine, that extra support seems to have done the trick.

I don't think a tail-wheel is normal on a MkI but clearly the Duxford MkI has one. it looks as though it's come straight of a Hurricane MkI. Depends how accurate you want to make it.



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Had a couple f days off work so have made some progress.

Barrel making now complete


Not as nice as Dannys but after a rough sanding the shape seems OK. I have a little mismatch between the removable panel and the fuselage forward and aft of it but I think this will sand out.

The forward fuselage upper sides also planked and the inner sheeted with 1/64th ply ready for the top block

fwd sides sheeted.jpg

I plan to have the top hatch block removable as access to the radio bay, this area may also become my battery bay if Dannys suggested area forward of F1 does not work out.

Started the blocking, I think this peice can be hollowed out a fair bit

fwd block.jpg

Decided on a tailskid so bent it up from 14AWG piano wire and bound to F11 using kevlar thread and epoxy, the back area side sheeting also cut to size but not fixed yet.

tail skid.jpg

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Great progress Martin, I have a difference between the CS and the cockpit shroud too, might need a bit of building up rather than sanding down. But nowhere near the issue if we hadn't re-worked F6

I am going to probably deviate at the front slightly. I want the whole section from the CS forwards to lift off Though I am still on the fence at the mo. Might move on to the wings while I mull that over....

Your woodwork is neater than mine, and you are clearly wiser than me as you have waited for the dust to settle before cutting the cockpit open



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  • 3 weeks later...

Well, finally made a choice of motor. Seems to fit pretty much as well as Dannys 5060-380kv.

specs suggest it should be ok for the job.

May help anyone else pondering what to go for.

motor on plan.jpg

motor weight.jpg


motor mounted.jpg

Used the aluminium spinner to test fit the cowl, some fettling to do here:

cowl mismatch.jpg

Still not sure whether to cut off the top section of the cowl to aid fitting the rest and have a removable top section for motor / ESC access enlightened

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Well, although I'd like to get started on the wings I felt I had unfinished buisness with the cowl.

Try as I might I just could not get a satisfactory fit when trying to fix the whole cowl so decided to revisit Dannys method. off with the top of the moulding (hopefully along a panel line)

The remaining lower cowl part was then much easier to fit to a former on F1. Stabilit Express (from aldi) used for the glass fibre to ply bond line

cowl on side view.jpg

Quite pleased with the alignment, minimal gap to fill, will possible glass over with the rest of the fuselage.

From the top and the ply formers / stabilit fillet visible.

My cells will more than likely be going in the original plan design radio bay.

cowl on.jpg

Should be able to get the top cowl section fitted with the aid of ply former.

Now onto the wings laugh

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Very neatly done Martin. You might want to close off the bottom of that battery box, just to give the motor bulkhead more rigidity? I haven't on mine yet, but looking at yours makes me think it needs something?

Those that are worried about attaching the cowl permanently and motor access need not worry. The spinner is so big, you can access the motor screws and remove the motor through the cowl front opening.

Are you going to permanently re-attach the cowl top?


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