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Foam Model cleaning?

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I have just purchased an Avanti S which has been stored for a couple of years in an attic.


The white foam sections are dull and grubby.


Before I start experimenting, can anybody recommend a product / method of restoring the finish please?.


Not expecting miracles, just something to make it look a bit better!

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Yes I have a problem where my previously owned plane is a sicky mess with tape glue stuck all over the place. The previous owner just about reinforced the fuselage with sticky fabric tape. I have been trying to clean it off. He also used brown coloured contact cement in places which is not suitable for glueing foam and looks horrible on white foam.

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Too late for you now Simon but for others we had the same problem with half a dozen aircraft from a deceased member's estate that had been stored for some time. 


Bathroom/Kitchen surface cleaner in the form of trigger spray bottles & wet wipes were very effective & did not damage the finish.


Before & afters:



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I second the bathroom cleaner & wet wipes approach as well. Used in conjunction with a soft detailing brush you can get into the 'pores' of the foam to make the model sparkle again.


You could then give it a coat of Future floor sealant (something learnt from making plastic kits) to preserve the finish.



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