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    Chap on Classifieds sells nice labels at a very sensible price.
  2. Head on in cloudless sky seems to be a perfect recipe for loss of visual. Horrible feeling, and they never turn up anywhere near where they ought .... fluo orange Oraltrim on the L/E and/or tips seems to help. No good on a scale model I suppose.
  3. Lateral balance? My Supra Fly was screwing out of loops and bunts until I added quite a bit of weight to one wing to counterbalance repeated retract mount repairs on the opposite wing. Think either 30 or 60 go from memory. BTC
  4. Funniest spat I ever had via local chipwrapper correspondence column. Long before internet, cancellation and anti-social media had been discovered. Bloke wrote in to complain about being dazzled by the recently introduced day running lights on a Volvo and claimed to need sunglasses to deal with the glare. I suggested he needed dark glasses.
  5. You could do worse than a metal gear Savox with torque at least the weight of the plane.
  6. Another good call, thanks Peter. I opted for 30mm for a little more money. I see what you mean about hooks and loops; both on the same side but ample adhesion. Shame it's Chinese, but ... I always found branded Velcro a bit of a rip-off. BTC
  7. Suitable later Lasers will run very successfully on Laser low-oil fuel with significantly less exhaust mess. I believe no other common 4 strokes are safe on it due to differing construction and materials. Slightly more powerful too as there’s proportionally more methanol. Jon might well dive in with dates when he reads this. BTC
  8. I believe there should be a distinction between the behaviour of individuals and the responsibility of the club. The legislation is clearly set out in terms of proximity etc and overflying karts may well leave the individual pilots outside the law; the club, on the other hand, has a degree of collective responsibility under the common law, probably the lease and BMFA requirements. That is why I consider that collective responsibility will rest with the elected officers of the club. It might be able to deflect some liability onto individual pilots but it won't be able avoid it entirely unless it acts in a timely and proportionate manner, in accordance with its constitution. BTC
  9. Pending BMFA response and subject to what your constitution says, I think you will find that the properly elected officers are responsible. BTC
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