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  1. Unincorporated Associations like our clubs have nightmares changing bank mandates; we had horror stories at work with certain client accounts too, sometimes taking months before all the stars aligned. Retail banking in this country is deteriorating rapidly. Thank goodness for our village Post Office for depositing cheques and drawing cash. BTC
  2. We treat this whole issue as one of incidents, rather than safety per se. Thus, it includes issues of reputation and public relations as well as safety. For example, once in a blue moon we get a Joe Public at our gate, which is close to the highway, spouting off about noise. The “rule” is that the senior member present engages as well as circumstances will permit then completes an incident report sheet. This is referred to the committee for detailed investigation and follow up. Safety issues and club rule infringements are recorded in the same way and it is the committeee which has the responsibility to investigate and then deal with the incident. It doesn’t fall to a single member, whether or not wearing a hi-viz, and any follow up action is dignified by the whole committee, not one individual. In practice the incident coordinator does the legwork but it has yet to be onerous. I would commend this procedure. BTC
  3. Can’t be bothered to trawl through all 3 pages to eliminate repetition, but what seems to be missing from this rant is that simply regarding BMFA as a means of obtaining insurance misses the whole bigger picture by a country mile. It is also a bit of a slap in the face to the numerous volunteers who man Buckminster and do much of the donkey work on the site in return for expenses only, which I can attest consists of 40p/mile and that won’t run my (non-electric) car. Buckminster is a terrific asset and some of the opprobrium directed towards it above is, at best, ill -informed. I’d prefer not to be Mod-cancelled so I will leave that point where it lies. Combining the back-office function of Leicester with the current resources of Buckminster is bound to create significant savings across the entire Association. As for golf, I doubt you’d be able to buy a two-round green fee for £47, certainly not round here, and that’s merely two good walks ruined, in one day. Multiply by 365; “do the math”. There is a very parsimonious strain in a minority of aeromodellers, manifesting itself in buying £3 servos from a counterfeiter in China then whining when it fails; it’s a great shame that this frame of mind extends to annual subs for an organisation which covers all our backs. Phil, did you eat all the pies too? BTC
  4. I believe one cannot defame the deceased (I'm not a real lawyer, you know) and you're bound to have piqued a lot of interest on here. After all, if you can't spread gossip then what use is it? BTC
  5. Pal of mine claims to have secured some male morning-after contraceptive pills. Apparently they change your blood group.
  6. Why wouldn't the whole 1 m length be affected by thermal expansion? Is it insulated from the ambient temperature? BTC
  7. See if this visual gag translates to this thread. piece of paper and pen. Write down the Beanstalk giant’s four word riposte. Repeat on line two but in a different order. Ditto three and four, so no two words the same in any of the four columns. Read it out aloud. When sufficient prompts are seen I’ll tell you what it means. BTC
  8. Have we had this one? Bin lorry approaches rear of Chinese takeaway. No bin visible. Binperson bangs on door, asks proprietor “where’s yer bin?” Chinese person says “I bin Hong Kong!” Bin person says “no, where’s yer wheelie bin? CP says “I wheelie bin Hong Kong!”
  9. Just had an order fulfilled by Nexus, in a day, and Modelshop Leeds will I’m sure be able to advise by telephone. They have balsa and fuel too. I think you are overly pessimistic. BTC
  10. I use Deluxe Modellers Glue. It would probably stay put with no glue but would be a PITA when moving batteries. BTC
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