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    Electric Cars.

    At least the birds wont go hungry with the global worming. Apologises Paul my speeling isnt that grate ither.
  2. I have recently set up the same rx. I too couldnt find hw to set up safe or indeed which switch to set it too. John Adams, the spektrum chap (who i dont think looks to well) seems to have missed it on the tutorial . I found s series by RC AIRMARSHALL on youtube which does show this however i have yet to program that section. I have flown the model twice now but i need another person to help, i.e. to alter the gain so i can judge the setting. In any event no mishaps......so far
  3. Currently wind turbine manufacturers are looking for places to dispose of the blades. They are now starting to crack and stress. The balsa cannot be reclaimed as the assemby coats and bonds the balsa in a resin. This has carcinogenic effect when burnt. So looks like burial is the preferred option. The joys of a green future.
  4. I have used Avast and then Norton which came as a free trial on the new kit. Looked at upgrading £29.99 for the first year £68 thereafter. Have gone back to MS Defender. Have bank account which alerts me to all spending so hopefully that aids in seeing whether funds are going where they shouldn't and giving opportunity to kill the transaction. Whilst Banks and finance houses can and should do more I have to say am so far pleased with mine. It stopped a payment i was making on a Sunday as it fell outside my spending pattern and was an account held outside UK. A quick phone call and the transaction went ahead. I do my best not to get taken in and it is fair to say you have to have your wits about you. I treat all unsolicited e mails, phone calls with great suspicion. I do not use a website that makes rejection of cookies an easy option, and paranoid if you will I do not use social media. Whilst we should expect the software platforms to do their utmost to protect us, along with the finance and retails sectors, we still have to look out for ourselves and not assume we are being looked after and then when it does go wrong look to deposit blame elsewhere.
  5. Not having a pop Matt but maybe phoning the shop would help. My local shop has a website which indicates what items are in stock. If they are down to one I will ring and ask them to put it to aside. I certainly understand the frustration of a wasted journey, more so given the rising fuel prices. Being armed with a list is certainly a must, having got home only to find I have forgotten something!!!!
  6. It is certainly hard trying to get the younger generation involved. Schools and maybe cubs/guide groups are an obvious target. I would be happy to approach any of these and I believe the BMFA have some starter packs for the newbies. Its also true that only a limited number of people in any club have the time or more important the willingness to help on a REGULAR basis. I have found it is the regular commitment that is a real problem. As for the price of stuff yes it can be prohibitive for some, certainly in the current climate, . Now for something controversial, how about renting the airframe and radio on an hourly basis to those newcomers that cannot afford outright the gear to enjoy the hobby. I know I have a couple of models ideal for the newcomer. You could even (whisper) give the money back when they intimate they are ready to make a purchase. (You don't have to say its a savings plan). If we can get people to come along and learn maybe giving the rental route might just keep them onboard till they purchase their own gear. I'll just get my tin hat and body armour
  7. Welcome. Dont leave it too long now.
  8. Times change and people along with it, sometime the former driven by the latter. There will be people who pass on the love of building to one or two youngsters who will continue with it, much the same as i.c., of which I am still a user, along with the electric stuff. Indeed i.c. may well become a part of future history events. (future history don't you love that). Pricing is and always will be driven by two things, availability and the amount people are prepared to pay, forget about reasonable pricing we are already witnessing that argument going out the window on a global scale. Like all things its cyclic, whether or not I m here to see the hobby/sport become more popular i cannot say, however I have little doubt it will, as one day someone will build something and the dormant seed will germinate.
  9. The spektrum charger works a treat. Leave in TX hook up and job done.
  10. I dont undertsand why the dont have a small letter box type slit under the chassis at the front with a brush plastic skirt and rear facing vents. creates a venturi effect. Works for flipping coins off the top of bottles lol
  11. A letter along the lines. Gents your arguement is causing concern and making members feel uncomfortable. We would ask you to resolve the matter in a 50/50 split. We are giving you 14 days to agree and a further 14 days to implement. Should you decide not to agree to the above we expect resignations failing which your membership will be terminated at the end of the 14 day agree period commencing from date of (e mail/letter)
  12. Thanks gents. Servo reversed and hey ho there you go.
  13. Strange thing. I have used the elevon type in the wing set up. The elevons work, however they do not work in the correct stick movement. Up and down gives left and right, whilst aileron stick gives up down. I have tried swopping servoe leads around, too no avil and I can not reassign the main control surface channels. It works fine on one of my other models but not this one. The other is a six channel rx this is a 4, but there should be no difference. Suggestions anyone
  14. Anybody know if a 4 channel rx can be used to control elevons. (Spektrum gear). Im assuming a channel reassignment is the answer??
  15. Don't know where your looking but not seen 8ft fencing.
  16. I think it should be don't charge them over night. Storage 3.8v. I keep mine in the small ammo boxes which I tend to line with plasterboard. Rather than drill holes in them I tend to leave the Box lid closed but unfastened. I must confess I have never used any kind of warming they just live in my garage. However the boxes do not sit on the concrete floor but on cork tiles.
  17. I'm not able to join in but I hope all goes well and that very few black bags get used. It will be fantastic even if there are no records broken. Good luck to all.
  18. Pic / video of them taking off timed and dated. Maybe landing too. I counted them all out and I counted them back in as the saying goes. Just a suggestion. I appreciate Mr Gray has it covered.
  19. By good if there were time dated pics taken. That would help verification
  20. I really should use my head rather than my bias. But hey how! ?
  21. Black doggy poo bags. Put into small bottles and cut off excess. Fill with glue. When you squeeze the bottle the glue will still come out and I'd you retain the tension and cap the bottle you get less air in to maintain life of adhesive.
  22. Hopefully there tomorrow. May take a decent camera.
  23. Zflyer

    Electric Cars.

    Like all things cost will eventually reduce. 100% Clean energy is a long way off, in fact it's not obtainable as there is always some dirty element attached. As for tax it is quite natural for that to take place as the revenue loss from carbon fuels has to be replaced. Maybe tax by weight as the particles from brakes and road wear is greater from e.v's supposedly. There are much vaunted untruths on both sides of the environmental argument and I despair when I see entrenched attitudes. As ever practical realities and time will win the day.
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