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  1. You`ll get bored very quickly if you`re a regular flier flying in your comfort zone.
  2. Welcome. If you need a sim Phoenix is available for free download . Loads of free models and flying sites with more being added all the time. Link: https://www.rc-thoughts.com/phoenix-sim/
  3. Start off on a flight simulator if you can.
  4. Nice video there Stubby. Of I've seen it some time ago, but worth another watch. Hope 2024 is a good one for you.
  5. Hobbywing Skywalker are good, or Hobby King red brick if they're available.
  6. Looks great. I've recently been making a few molicel P45b flight packs. Bought a cheap portable spot welder which works great and has less chance of heat damaging the cells.
  7. Why do you need to pull the oven out. Our grill and main elements can both be done in situ.
  8. You'll love it Leccy, it flies great. Mine flies on a 5000 4s , flies forever. Mine is FPV now. It's a great experience looking out over this elliptical wings 🙂 I struggle keeping the tail pinned sometimes as you'll see in this video
  9. There you go. Little and Larger. Both are fantastic fliers. Good luck with yours.
  10. Bring back Scrapheap Challenge🤖 😁
  11. Should be an awesome plane. Xfly are killing it at the moment. Might have got one my self if I hadn't already got the smaller Xfly Twin Nova.
  12. Bet you`ll do a lot more flying with that Tasman then any of your other stuff Toto.🙂 Me,I got an Elegoo Neptune 4 plus 3D printer.
  13. Who will police the police? https://youtube.com/shorts/oPK407TdJVY
  14. The beach is closed too traffic over the winter. Our club has permission to fly there with a permit, we drive about 1/4 mile up the beach and most of the walkers go the opposite way. We get a new runway twice a day 😀. It's drier on the beach then at the club field.
  15. Thanks I'll be mindful of CG. I have some 2600's may have to add a little weight?
  16. Most of the micros have only needed 3 or 4 channels.If I needed more ,just alter the packet rate to 100 hz.8ch. More info here:
  17. I use a variety of ELRS Rx. Got several of these PWM micro 2.4 and some Matek 2.4.i also have a beta FPV super P 14 channel PWM in my Spitfire. All very reliable.
  18. I might have a DJT and an XJT module at home if your interested.Will check when I get home. I use ELRS 2.4 MODULE FROM Beta Fpv as well as the internal 4 in 1.
  19. Fresh start to the day, but a good morning's flying yesterday with a decent turnout.
  20. Welcome to the P68 club. You'll love it, such a great flier.
  21. Windfinder for a general overview of local weather stations and tide times if beach flying. Windy for a more detailed picture.
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