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  1. Article is not about a continuation of the status quo, it's about development, if succesful this route will not be cheap it'll attract critiscism if they go the lighter/smaller route, nor are they abandoning EV, to imply so is incorrect.
  2. Yep, always interest in a build Richard, Vintage one will be a nice change.
  3. You seen the price of dictionaries ? When I wor a la......
  4. Yes Dave, if you need help, ask it'll be given. No swearing please Dave https://www.modelflying.co.uk/code-conduct/
  5. Make one as above, you have the info to work from off other pieces, covered plain white as well.
  6. If weathers good, it'll be full and many camping as well, if you're going, uploaded us some pictures please.
  7. We got a bill for £2500, because someone cut entrance to our field and dumped a 10 skip load of asbestos waste, thankfully we had help paying the bill. Not a pleasant experience.
  8. Weston Park offers much more than an LMA event (My opinion) £25 for a day and evenings entertainment, compared to many events held by other interests it's far from unreasonable. Cosford gone, Nats ? various other events gone, as the saying goes "Use it or lose it". Was always my favourite show of the year, sadly I can no longer go.
  9. Personally I hope the weathers good for it, and events full of folk enjoying themselves.
  10. Well done top 3, and how on earth did you get that score Erf ?
  11. Post removed containing swearing, any further ones will provoke same response.
  12. Few in the mix for pole, passing nigh on impossible so it's a bigger deal than usual.
  13. Was just going to post Simon, Saturday wind down the strip and some gusts, Sunday rain all day at present, will update in the morning as forecast is chopping n changing.
  14. Picture of Puppy as well, please.
  15. Few tweaks and this would be fun, same with 4 channel Super 60. https://www.sarikhobbies.com/product/pet268-black-magic/
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