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  1. I believe some have symetrical sections, thick wing sections, do they have short moment arms when compared to wingspans ? The extra wide chord makes it look that way, I agree. Large control areas, light built, low pitch props, extra diameter for pull rather than speed. Set up well the stall is pretty much non existant and liberties can be taken, lot of fun.
  2. Faced with the same issue, I created a hatch underneath forward of the unercariage (not PC 19). That gave me access with less cosmetic disruption.
  3. Ah, I don't stick rigidly to plans, If I feel I can improve somewhere, I will do it, you have experience so for me trust yourself.
  4. They come on quite often Gary, kits as well, if this ones no good, an add might help.
  5. Works for me Gary ? It's on B-M-F-A Sales group (not affiliated) Facebook.
  6. https://www.facebook.com/commerce/listing/800417544921988/?media_id=4&ref=share_attachment
  7. If you're an I.C man at heart, you'll already appreciate the need to beef airframe some, maybe u/c support as well.
  8. FW 190 or Mustangs fly well and I'm sure you'd enjoy both GA.
  9. Not an easy question to answer GA, planes like helis have a learning stage, will the 190 fly well ? Answers most likely yes, normal route is a high winger with some stability to help you through the learning stage, choice is yours but it's worth giving thought to.
  10. Sounds like pushrod needs a tweak to line up better, is it buzzing with pushrod on ?
  11. If you can, make a non metal pushrod up, or fit a plastic clevice ? To decide if the metal is the issue.
  12. No personal experience Paul, but am told flap servos need to be up to the job, you may need bigger than micros.
  13. Don't know if anyone here has built the kit Paul, but ask any questions you have and I'm sure help/advice will be given.
  14. I would just go fly, all normal stuff when learning, recognising faults is first step to curing them, stick times your answer.
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