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  1. Not liking the uncomplimentary descriptions of the Pitts, it's a top aircraft and in anything like a decent size, it's a pussycat. Regarding which one, they're like the glows, all fit for purpose and some a bit better than others. On Saito, I have no personal experience but the grapevine says they're not the most powerful, so err on the larger side maybe ?
  2. If the end of I.C lasts as long as the threads discussing the end of I.C, most of us will be long gone before it happens.
  3. My advice is simple, go buy one and enjoy it, anyone tells you they're difficult to use, ignore em.
  4. For me, the increase in lipo costs has given a little boost to I.C.
  5. Unless they get banned I.C is here to stay, people enjoy them, myself included.
  6. Still Quack here, I cannot remember such miserable long lasting weather year after year in all my 70 years. 😟
  7. Europe and the U.K don't subsidize and incentivise ? Yeah right.
  8. https://www.flyinggiants.com/forums/showthread.php?t=287033
  9. Never had issues with any of them, tend to use Life mostly now though, in truth it's on cost basis.
  10. He'll still get the tuition needed for solo, and need good control to perform his chosen two, mans earned some lighter moments.
  11. If you fancy some low passes and touch n goes, I see no issues personally, it's supposed to be fun and both those will require good control, so serve a purpose.
  12. If we have over the usual rain/sun, it'll affect crop yield, over population, ooh that's bad, drink/eat too much, bad, smokers, terrible people they're polluting my space. Pollution of the air/rivers sea all cleaner than the days of heavy industry, fiction ? Too many I.C vehicles pumping out chemicals the planets struggling to deal with ? Don't be daft, you're woke, a snowflake, have an agenda. Yep the agenda is to clean up our act. Planets had ice ages and hot periods before, it's natural ? Nope, they were caused by what was occuring on the planet at the time, causing large amounts of chemicals to be released into the atmosphere via an over abundance of volcanic activity, dominant plant species giving off emmisions of certain gases etc, etc. Scientists ? What did they ever do for us ?
  13. We met the parties involved at field today Gary, posts on FB pages and item on Calendar tonight.
  14. Coming to a field near us. 😉 https://www.hybridairvehicles.com/news/overview/news/hav-agree-terms-on-flagship-production-site/?fbclid=IwAR1lQfH7UDJYA0a5jsio_MfV8VSYxbi_q2VYLdgCl9NSfZC_ZWDJ_jX4qX8
  15. I would have same amount top/bottom, on a beast I wouldn't worry overmuch about differential.
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