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  1. How about using a plastic zip tie to hold ring in place, available in small sizes.
  2. The Ezee Pezee flew well enough until the throttle linkage gave up and the Irvine 60 [ to much power for this plane ] went flat out, resulting in a fast climb until a dot in the sky. Fed in a tad of down to try and prevent an out of sight situation but then found it was in a steady decent and no elevator control. On its final pass could see elevator fluttering like mad and only thing left was to steer to a "safe" shallow angle but speedy crash. Radio all worked afterwards. I had renewed the elevator servo for a modern one. Investigation showed plastic snakes had gone brittle.
  3. I got complacent recently, here is the result. Should have done a better job of checking control linkages on the old bird. 20years in a dry shed then one short flight.
  4. The OP asked if it was worth changing the servos in an old WW1 model that comes out two or three times a year. I fly a similar model but changed elevator and rudder servos to 3001s a couple of years ago I noted in my post the testing of some even older servos but would not use them in a flying model.
  5. To quote a well known comic line " I don't believe it " 5o plus posts about small copper washers.
  6. Last winter I went through my old servos [ all Futaba ] All still worked ! Oldest [ exposed 3 pin connectors ] are An Fd33, FD 32 even an FD16m but compared to say a 148 rather slow in end to end travel, the FD16 might just beat a snail over the distance travelled . In a WW1 type like the BE2C who's control response will not be quick anyway so the 126's will be fine as long as travel is smooth with no glitches I recon.
  7. I put a spot of castor in my old lawn mower just for the smell, reminds me of racing days. That said I recon I was first in my motor club to use synthetic oil over forty years ago.
  8. Is the piston jammed in the cylinder ? If not I am inclined to agree with Martin above.
  9. One of those wealthy types Samuel Langley secretary of the Smithsonian contested for many years that the Wrights were first, stating his Aerodrome aircraft which launched from a houseboat on the Potomac river in October 1903 was first despite the fact it went just a very short distance before flopping into the river. The US military had contributed many thousands of dollars to this project. Such was Langley's influence that the Smithsonian did not recognise the Wrights as first in controlled powered flight until 1942!!! Because of this up to that time a composite Flyer one [ made of spare parts ] was displayed at the Science museum London until just after WW2 When it returned to America.
  10. RCV engines today make engines for UAV's although they are no longer rotating cylinder, more like the Webra / HP engines with an overhead rotating valve.
  11. George Cayley had free flight gliders flying in 1804, not what you would think of as a glider today being more kite shape but never the less it had the basics for stable flight A plan can be had from Sarik hobbies for the 1804 glider and it can be flown 2 channel radio.
  12. Tested with new Overlander motor tonight, goes like a rat up a drain pipe doing vertical rolls. All for just over £20.
  13. There was also a Gipsy 12, a V12 for the Albatross airliner. Saw the one in the science museum. Nice video.
  14. Those areas around here that were planted just had fir tree's, many have now been harvested and there are plans to replant with local species.
  15. In 1798 Thomas Malthus [ 1766-1834 ] an English economist and demographer wrote a book " An Essay on the principal of population " Malthus argued that infinite human hopes for social happiness must be vain for population will tend to outrun the growth of production. The increase in population will take place in a geometric progression, while the means of subsistence will only increase in arithmetic progression. Population will always expand to the limit of subsistence. Only war, famine, ill health will check excessive growth. He also thought that "moral restraint" could be the answer. Not much chance of that today I recon.
  16. Many areas of ancient woodland were taken for use in WW1, Supports for trenches, dugouts, tunnelling, ammo box's ect. As far as I know little if any was done afterwards to replant after the war.
  17. And now in Wales the government expects that farmers have 10% of their land covered with trees so the first minister can justify farm payments to Bangladeshi taxi drivers in Cardiff ! [ His words ] Much of the coastal and hill land is not suitable for trees unless you count things like hawthorn, blackthorn and elder witch grow to at most 20 foot high. Covering grassland with trees is not an answer, per acre the underground root system of a grass field contains as much carbon as an average woodland. Fiddling while Rome burns comes to mind. Moderator’s Note. To avoid any confusion, JD8’s reference is to justifying the payment made to farmers, not making any payment to the taxi drivers.
  18. Flying low overhead today Western Power Eurocopter 135 checking the lines. Block house in the background is a former WW2 era chain home low radar station.
  19. Cox Thimble-drome 049 happy on some 5% with a tad of castor.
  20. Very nice to see in the air again.
  21. Little parachute soldiers, plastic bombs, sweets or piggy back gliders are not going to endanger persons or property.
  22. I recon I had similar " oh it will be all right " attitude with an old Ezee Pzee trainer I was given to see if it would make a club trainer but did not do a proper inspection of control linkages. a case of should have, could have, would have but did not. You have seen the result in " How are we responding" post. John.
  23. My Cox TD 051 runs very well [ scary well ] on 15% Model Technics " copta fuel" As above contact MSL for similar. Engine is in a Midget Mustang C/L racer.
  24. I store mine on the floor in the back toilet, above the box is the alkathene pipe that carries water to said toilet. Should they ignite I recon the water from melted pipe would cool them. Also not much else that can burn in there other than the toilet roll.
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